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message 1: by Carol (last edited Mar 10, 2010 05:08PM) (new)

Carol | 1 comments I bought this book many years ago (between 1990-2000) in a dollar store. I gave my copy away after I read it, but have since thought I'd like a copy again. No idea who the author is or what the title may have been!

The plot was a complex mystery about a small family
in an apparently alternate universe where the French
Revolution included many little spying robots in the shape of bugs
(litterally listening devices made to
resemble mechanical bees and other insects).

There was a young girl as a main character and she
struggled to keep her family safe in this revolutionary environment.

It was a cool blend of historical fiction and
fantasy and had cover art that was mostly gold
in color.

In searching here I see another crossover book
about revolution and fantasy called "Illusion"
by Paula Volsky...this book may have been it!
If anyone who has read this recently can let
me know if my little spy bugs are in this book
that will solve the dilema (no reviews online
mention that element and that is all that I
really recall for certain, aside from the historical
fantasy fiction elements, about the book I'm
searching for).

The cover art for Illusion shows a young
lady in front of a gold gate formed like
butterfly wings...so it looks highly likely
to be what I'm questing towards.


Excellent...thank you, Jackie "the Librarian"!
Now moved to SOLVED!

Jackie "the Librarian" | 219 comments Yes! I read this one, and it was Illusion. Illusion by Paula Volsky

message 3: by Delanie (new)

Delanie | 39 comments She has several books that crossover the fictional world she's created that deal with historical events. Gates of Illusion, for example, has a country occupied by residents of Vonahr, complete with political upheaval. They're all a fun read.

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