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Asha walks over to a tree to and starts to read

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Anh was walking on the sidewalk.
(I always start like that...)

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(You do?)

Asha saw a guy on the side walk, she walks over to him

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(How does a fox read?)

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Divona ate her latest kill and serched (sp?) for a new one. she saw a human. "Perfect!" thought Divona

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Anh *Son of Poseidon* wrote: "(How does a fox read?)"

((lol, i was wondering the same thing.))

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(what animal is Divona?)

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(Im human right now!!!! Gosh!!)

"Hi, Im Asha. Im kinda new to town" She said kindly

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((huh? you mean you can morph???))

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(Yeah I guess let me add that to my thingy Mabob

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Anh saw her. "Hi, I'm Anh," he said.

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"Nice to meet you!" She said

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"Yeah," he said.

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"Do you go to school around here?" She asked

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((...this was supposed to be for reagular animals but ok...))

Divona smiled and crouched

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"Yeah..." he said pointing at a school.

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(Well, sorry...)

"Im going there too! Thats cool..." She said laughing

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(No fair)
"Yeah," he said smiling.

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(Check out my profile if you want to see what I morf into!)

" Whats your home room?" She asked

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"B34" he said.

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((its ok, i cant morph but i can now grow wings! =P))

Divona peered through the brush and watched

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"Thats mine too! Maybe you can show me around a bit..." Asha said smiling

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"Okay," he said.

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Divona smiled and got ready to follow them.

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They start walking off

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Divona followed from about 10 yards behind, her feet making only small, un-noticed sounds.

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"Whats that sound?" Asha said her ears perking

(Since she is part animal, her ears are sensitive)

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Anh listened.

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"Do you hear it? It sounds like steps." Asha turned around to look

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Divona sidestepped behind a tree and grew her wings. ((brb.))

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"Not really," he said turning around.

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"Oh, must have been just me" She said but didnt truely mean it. Her true identity was a secret

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((im back))

Divona sighed and peered out again.

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"Oh," he said

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((delete them!!))

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(Yeah... lol)

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((wow, that freaked me out when it said 57 new, now i know why.))

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(Too much to delete!)

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((oh well!!!))

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((thats better.))

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(Done deleting them)

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((back to RP))

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Mia♫ Lily was up in the trees. She quickly hopped down and morphed into her human form. Her body was filled with yummy acorns. She walked towards the school and sat down by the tree.

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Anh walked a bit.

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