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Name: Anh
Age: 17
Gender: M
Animal: Human
Personality: Repeated
Looks: Repeated
Other: Family dead
Talents: He got animal spirits in him from martial arts.

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sorry, the second pic is not very big.

Name: Divona
Age: 7
Gender: F
Animal: Cougar/human
Looks: ;
Personality: smart, has a temper, likes to hunt, has a bit of a sweet side.
Other: Cannablitic (sp?) and can grow wings and morph into a human, Human morph:

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Name: Asha
Age: 17
Gender: F
Animal:white fox
Personality: Sweet, caring, kinda, sympathetic
Other: Lives in the woods. Her Identity is a secret. No one but animals know she is a Fox

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Anh *Son of Poseidon* wrote: "Name: Anh
Age: 17
Gender: M
Animal: Human
Personality: Repeated
Looks: Repeated
Other: Family dead"

Repeted? huh?

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As in any character I made, the same personality and look that says for the character, I made the thingy up for groups with a whole bunch of rps so I don't have to keep repeating my self everytime

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oh, kk

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kk, i edited mine.

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Me too

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Mia♫ Name: Lily
Age: 15
Gender: F
Animal: Squirrel
Personality: Funny, outgoing, dorky
Looks: Dark/light brown hair, tallish, black glasses, side bangs
Other: can morph into human, lives in the woods in the trees. =D has great reflexes

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Olivia ^^The Awesome Mushroom^^ (canttaketheawesomeness) | 325 comments Mod
Name: Lianne
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Animal: Tiger
(She can morph between Human and white tiger)
Personality: Fun, sweet
Other: NOPE

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Anh is the only normal human...

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Aww poor you...JK

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Mia♫ it ok!!!

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][_ {[:]} ][_

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][_ {[:]} ][_

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][_ {[:]} ][_

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Mia♫ YAYZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mia♫ Name: Mark
Age: 20
Gender: M
Animal: All
Looks: light brown hair, tall, athletic
Personality: funny, friendly, caring
Other: went on quest w/ lily's dad

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Name: Jenna
Age: 14
Animal: snake
looks: dark brown hair,tan,magenta eyes(dont ask), tall
Personality: quiet,mysterious,tense
Other:venomous when morphed,can't totally control morphing, parents dead, running from somebody

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Name: Luther
Age: 21
Gender: M
Animal: Mixed
Looks: White hair, tan skin, white eyes
Personality: Evil
Other: EVIL!!!!

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Name: Alex
Age: 2 year older then Sophie
Animal: All
Looks: repeated
personality: repeated
Other: Dad of Lily/Mark and husband of Sophie

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Mia♫ Name: Evangeline
Age: 30
Animal: All
Looks: EVIL!! Black hair, black glasses, pale white skin
Personality: EVIL!!!!!
Other: Is enemies with Alex and his family.

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Mia♫ Name: Sophie
Age: 40
Animal: All
Looks: Light brown hair, brown eyes, shortish
Personality: Kind, friendly, funny
Other: Parents of Mark and Lily, wife to Alex

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Name: Ethan Nakamura
Age: 17
Gender: M
Animal: All
Looks: White hair and black eyes, tan skin
Personality: More evil then Luther

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Mia♫ The Battle of the Labyrinth dude. That Percy fought, but decided not to kill.

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I know.

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i red it but a wile ago, so ethan nakamura is the character from pj?

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kk i c

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have u ever seen the shows castle, or chuck? i luv them. Idk y but that just popped into my head

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i know, but I had just logged off to watch them, we tivo them.

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