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Little Giant of Aberdeen (3/10) > When Amelia discovers how Priscilla Sparrow and Robert Morgan died, she asks Truly whether it was mercy or murder that killed them.

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message 1: by Sally (new)

Sally (Mostly_Literary) | 72 comments Mod
What do you think? How do you feel about Truly's actions? What in Truly's character draws her to "collect souls," as she comes to call it?

message 2: by Jeanette (new)

Jeanette | 4 comments I believe that Truly's actions showed mercy to Priscilla and Dr. Morgan. It is true that she didn't like them very much, but I felt like she was helping them end their misery. As for collecting seems that Truly was not really connected to anyone consistently, so the collecting of souls was a way to connect. That's my take on it..may be far fetched.

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