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Little Giant of Aberdeen (3/10) > Truly's size marks her as an outcast, but throughout the novel, other characters have trouble "fitting in" in a more figurative way.

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Sally (Mostly_Literary) | 72 comments Mod
Examine how this manifests in Bobbie, Marcus, Amelia, even Serena Jane. What larger point do you think the author might be trying to make about the importance of conforming?

message 2: by Jeanette (new)

Jeanette | 4 comments Truly did have a difficult time of being accepted..only later was this realized. Serena Jane did not fit in either, but it was because she didn't like her small town. As for Amelia growing up poor didn't help much in the popularity department; so not speaking was her way to keep herself isolated. I believe that everyone has insecurities; some are visible while others are hidden. It's how you learn to accept them, and live your life that matters. At the end Truly accepted who she was, and started living her life with Marcus.

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