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If you read the rules, I do not appreciate chatting in the story. So, if you are not friends with the person who is contributing to the roleplay, sent them a shout here PLEASE. No one enjoys reading what's happening in your personal life along with what's happening in the roleplay. Not only is it annoying but it is also confusing. We may think you added yourself to the roleplay. So please just talk here and not in the stories.

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lol ok Peyton I made charries for Dimitri and Jack in Vampires ok..

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ok awesome! thnx! :D

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welcome lol

HI emy

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Hi Emy :)

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waht's up?

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Talking to my roommate, Shelby, and her BF. U??

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ntn much

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not much roleplaying and texting my bf :)

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oddly enough, as soon as i read ur post, my bf txts me :) lol

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weirdddd lol

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ironic.... omg my stupid roommate is so paranoid cuz she thot she saw a mouse last nite so she's freaking out!

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Mice are so cute!

message 17: by [deleted user] (new)

lol funny i don't like mice but i am not scared of them lol

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I know! But she's like so paranoid about them because she hates them and stuff ugh it's so annoying.

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lol nicely put Emy

lol aw i'm sorry

my friend killed one i almost broke down into tears:(

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Haha I named the mouse (that doesn't even exist!) Shelly.

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Lol, that's a good name

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LOL thats funny i had a bunny and named it chocolate then found it in the road the next day );

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Omg that's so sad! I'm srry :'(
Lol, i'm just mean because Shelly is the name of Shelby's little like turtle that's the size of a silver dollar.

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Its ok i only knew her for a day *tears*

LOL a turtle

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yup she's pretty cute :) we painted her shell one time lol it was funny

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lol poor turtle it was being abused by bad artistic skills lol jk jk what color did you paint it??

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i suck at art, yes lol but shelby's like so awesome at it! i painted the shell blue but then she did like really tiny but intricate green vines with pink and purple flowers

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WOW thats amazing lol my friend Lexi is really good at drawing too and i'm ok lol

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I suck. Majorly. Oh, Shelby says hi. :) lol so does max, her bf. I call him maxiums, just to make him mad :)

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lol very funny Peyton, tell them I said Hi back

lol aw my friend Kayla just got dumped over text how lame i shall hurt her ex later

LOL Eric says "Hi" to you i told him i was roleplay on goodreads so he says hi

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lol tell him i said hi :) and tell issac he's a big fat jerk for doing tht!

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*texts to Eric she says hi back* I WILL he is mean hes a player he asked out Megan.She is just now telling me that

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omg tell issac he deserves to get his butt kicked. like, literally.

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Lol I will make sure of it

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lol good :)

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Lol anyways I'm bored eating cheez it's in my room cuz I forgot to eat dinner :(

Ok very random here but do you like hot cheetos

message 37: by [deleted user] (new)

how do u 4get to eat dinner? lol

luv em!

message 38: by [deleted user] (new)

Many ways many
ways lol I shall leave it at that

Ewwwwwww your practially eating puffs of Stomach Cancer that are very gross

message 39: by [deleted user] (new)

omg what's wrong with u?!? i luv those things!

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hey Peyton, why haven't I ever met Shelby, or Max, or your boyfirend...... I didn't even know you had one....

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just being secretive as always :)

and just shut up lissa! does stomach cancer even exist?!

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YES it does!!!!!!!!!!! look it up well my science teacher said that so you know

MRS.JUSTIN-BIEBER | 5 comments
^^^^Can u join that group please

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idk lol

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lol check TPBM!!!!

OMG my friend is crying and i was HER BOYFRIEND IS MOVING!!!!!!!!!

message 49: by [deleted user] (new)

aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww!!!! i'm soooooooooo srry!!!! :'(

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i know she is crying so hard its sad he moves on April 15

I'm happy Eric isn't moving though

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