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RP here and have fun!!

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"hey, laurel, have you heard anything about the asteroid thats gonna crash into the moon? all the teachers are talking about it at my school." said Jenifer to her little sister.

"oh yeah. i heard it on the news this morning. i'm just worried what will happen. i know they say it wont hurt it or anything, but i'm still worried."

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Soumya Meghan looked at her dad who was worrying over the asteroid hitting the moon, "Dad. Nothing's going to happen. You're acting like a woman."
"What if something happens?" He said "Well I have to play your mother's part don't I?"
"You worry too much," She said.

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(( is it ok if Jenifer+Laurel's family is next door neighbors to Meghan's family?))

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"you know, Laurel, this wont be the first time an asteroid has hit the moon. its no big deal! it will be fun to go out and watch!" said shane, Laurel and Jenifer's dad, "anyway, im sure it wont take too long,so you can get back to your experiments."

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Soumya ♥Xologrrl♥ wrote: "(( is it ok if Jenifer+Laurel's family is next door neighbors to Meghan's family?))"


"I'm going over Jenifer's house, bye," She said and walked next door. She rang the bell.

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DING DONG DING DONG! screamed the bell from the front hall

"jeez dad, we seriously need to fix that!" yelled Jenifer over the doorbell

"ok, ok, Laurel and i will do it later." said Shane as he walked downstairs to the door and pulled it open.

"oh, hello Meghan! let me get Jenifer and Laurel" said shane, then turned around and yelled, "JENIFER! LAUREL! MEGHAN IS HERE TO SEE YOU!"

"so Meghan, what brings you here today?" asked shane as Laurel came thundering down the steps shouting "MEGHAN!!"

"hey, Laurel, she's my friend, remember?!" said Jenifer from the stairs.

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Soumya "Can't stand dad's worrying, "Meghan said.
"LAUREL!!" Meghan shouted back playfully and then laughed, "Don't worry Jenifer, no one can steal me!"

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"haha" said Jenifer, now next to Meghan. "apparently, neither can a boyfriend!" she said teasingly.

((idk how u want her 2 react to that))

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Soumya Meghan laughed, "Yea...first I need one to get stolen don't i?"

((You can react the way you want your charrie to react to it. ))

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"yup. come on, lets go upstairs." said Jenifer

"can i come too?" asked Laurel

"lets give Meghan and Jenifer some time alone" said Shane to Laurel, "lets work on your science project"

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Soumya "Ok," Meghan said following Jenifer.

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((does Jenifer know Meghan has cancer?))

message 14: by Soumya (new)

Soumya (( you want her to know?))

message 15: by Soumya (new)

Soumya ((if they're best friends, she should probably know that.))

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((yeah. that would be good))

"soo... Meghan... hows your treatments going?" asked Jenifer tentatively, not knowing if she would want to talk about it.

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Soumya Meghan shrugged, "ok I guess."

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"thats good." finished Jeinfer akwardly. they shared a tense silence, until Jenifers dad called, "who wants cookies? Laurel and i just made them!"

"you want cookies?" asked Jenifer

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Soumya "Sure," Meghan said. She looked at the ground then, "um...Jenifer...I just want you to know that I don't know where my treatments going. My dad knows something I don't but won't tell me, so all I know is that there's a chance......"

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"come on down if you want cookies! theyre getting cold!" sried Laurel from the kitchen

"theres a chance of what?!" asked Jenifer

"i'll tell you later." said Megan, and they ran downstairs

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Soumya Meghan grinned at Laurel when they got downstairs, "Cookies taste good warm or cold."

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"yeah, well, you want them when theyre warm cuz then theyre gooey and chocolatey. hey! that would be a good experiment!" said Laurel, and ran off to find her journal to write this idea down, leaving Megan, Jenifer, and Shane.

"so, Megan, how's your dad doing?" asked Shane

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Soumya Meghan looked up, "Good."

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"ok. thats good." said Shane, sensing that Megan didnt want to talk about it. they ate their cookies in silence for a while until Laurel came racing back in.
"hey dad? since Jenifer's having Megan over, can i have Lauria and Juli over?"

Lauria and Juli are twin sisters in Laurels grade.

"well, i guess that would only be fair" said Shane, grinning at her. "lets go call them."

they left the room, leaving Megan and Jenifer alone again.

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Soumya Meghan stared at her half eaten cookie and sighed.

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Morgen | 472 comments Mod
"i hope Juli cant come. shes kinda scary, right?" asked Jenifer, trying to break the tension.

message 27: by Soumya (new)

Soumya Meghan shrugged, "I don't mind her."

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"oh. ok." said Jenifer, unsure what to say.

"what do you think about the moon being hit? i dont think its such a big thing." said Jenifer

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Soumya "That's all over the news. It's getting annoying," Meghan said, "I don't see the big deal out of it. It's not like it's going to cause problems on earth."

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"yeah. i really dont think its such a big deal. i mean, come on. asteroids have hit the moon before!" said Jeninfer, then Laurel came bouncing in.

"they can come! they can come! they can come!" she screamed

"thats great!" said Megan, "hey, Laurel, what do you think about this asteroid?"

"well, i think the scientists are underreacting. this will be the biggest asteroid to ever hit the moon..." Laurel trailed off, glancing at the door to see if Lauria and Juli were ther yet.

"it is tomorrow night, though, so we'll see whos right then." said Jenifer. "hey, Megan, are you going to watch it? we'll be out on the front lawn, if you want to watch with us..."

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Soumya "Yea, I'm probably going to watch," Meghan said, "Unless, I'm stuck in the bathroom again."

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suddently the door bell rang

"Lauria and Juli are here!"

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Soumya Meghan finished her cookie and watched the twins come in. She smiled at them.

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"Oh! Hey Megan!" said Juli
"We didnt know you were here!" said Lauria, "Thanks for telling us, Laurel" she said jokingly

"oh hey Jenifer" said Juli, then looked around. "save any cookies for me?"

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Soumya "Hey," Meghan said and grinned, "You came a little too late."

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"awww. that always happens" Juli teased, then she turned to Lauria and Lauren.

"hey, what do you guys want to do?"

"ummm... welll.... im working on a new experiment. wanna check it out?" asked Laurel

"sure! sounds great!" Lauria said

"umm, no thanks." said Juli, then she turned to Meghan and Jenifer. "mind if i hang with you guys instead?"

"uhhh..." said Jenifer, then shot a glance at Meghan that should be read as no, remembering Juli's 'problems'

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Soumya Meghan looked at Jenifer. Before she could answer, she felt weird inside and then felt something come up.

"Oh, god, I need the bathroom, "Meghan said in a hurry. She turned pale.

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"oh no! are you alright?!" asked Jenifer and Juli, then Jenifer called, "dad?! Meghan needs help!" then she brought her to the bathroom. Shane came rushing in, took one look at Meghan, and nearly passed out.

"oh no. i forgot dad cant handle these things." said Jenifer, then called, "Laurel? Lauria? can you guys come down and help? Meghans sick."

when they came down, Jenifer said, "Lauria, can you call Meghan's dad and tell him to come over quick? and Laurel, can you help dad?"

Lauria rushed to the phone and called Meghans dad as Laurel helped her father and Juli and Jenifer helped Meghan.

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Soumya Meghan felt the blood rush up her.

Her dad came rushing to the door and rang the doorbell.

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"thanks for helping her, Jen," said Meghans dad, "but i'll take her home now. it was nice of you to have her over." he said, then pulled Meghan out of the house.

'what was that about?' thought Jenifer, 'why didnt Meghans dad want her here?' then she looked around at Laurel, Lauria, Juli, and her dad, who was now awake, and said, "thanks for helping, guys."

"i hope Meghans ok" said Juli, looking concerned, "she is my only real friend after what happened last time. oh no! i shouldnt have said that!" she said, then clapped her hand over her mouth and ran upstairs. Lauria and Jenifer followed her, but Shane kept Laurel downstairs with him

"dad! why cant i go too? shes my friend, and Jenifer got to go!"

"she will tell you if she wants to" Shane said, holding Laurled back from following them, "anyway. Jenifers old enough to know the truth." he said, then distracted her by saying, "i recorded a documentary on steam ships last night. want to go watch it?"

"what do you mean, the truth?" Laurel asked, then trudged behind her dad, staring hopefully at the stairs like someone would come down and explain.

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Soumya Meghan ran to the bathroom and threw up blood. She felt awful inside.

Her dad held her and whispered, "It's ok. It'll be over before you know it."

message 42: by Soumya (new)

Soumya ((What's the secret that Meghan only seems to know and her sister?))

message 43: by Soumya (new)

Soumya ((Xologirl??))

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((u mean Juli and Meghan?))

message 45: by Soumya (new)

Soumya ((Yea...on comment 40, Juli said something and then ran off not meaning to say that.))

message 46: by Morgen, xolo luva!! (new)

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((oh. ok. i dont really know yet. hmmm... ill figure tht out soon. lol.))

message 47: by Soumya (new)

Soumya ((ok.))

Meghan washed herself and changed her clothes.

Then she called Jenifer.

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suddently,the phone rang. Shane picked up, talked for a little while, then called, "Jen! its for you!"

"ok dad, ill be right there!"jenifer said, then turned back to Juli and Lauria. "are you guys going to be ok up here for a little while?"

"yeah. well be fine." said Lauria. Jenifer ran downstairs

"you know you shouldnt have said anything" said Lauria to Juli. juli just stared up at her sister.

"you know what happened." said Juli, looking mad, "you know that i cant keep it a secret anymore."

"Hello?" asked Jenifer into the phone, "oh! hi Meghan! are you feeling better?"

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Soumya "Yea, I'm sorry for what happened," Meghan said, "I hope I didn't create a huge comotion there."

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"oh, no, its fine. we get used to it after having an older sibling or younger sibling or daughter do that." said Jenifer

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