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Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
I did not watch the Oscars this weekend, mostly because I have no interest in them. I was curious to see however, to see how "Precious" would do, as 2 larger women were up for an award. I have not, nor do I have plans to see the movie as it is not my kind of story line, but I was pleased to see Mo'nique win for best supporting actress. I would have liked to have seen best leading actress go to the young lady who played the lead in tne movie, but I don't think that this country is ready for that.

I cheered when Camryn Manheim won her Emmy and dedicated it to "all the fat girls". Again, I did not watch the show, but loved seeing that over and over on the news.

All of this has gotten me thinking about the role of larger people in films and television. Since the early days of movies, larger people were always comic relief from Fatty Arbuckle to Oliver Hardy. Larger woman have been the butt of jokes for years or the best friend to the leading lady (in some cases to make an aging leading lady "look good" by comparison.)

This has lead to the same in television, where the large woman is a side-kick or best friend, while a larger man may have the "hot" wife. This trend was bucked by "Rosanne" in the day.

In recent years, larger people have been used in television shows like "Picket Fences" where a larger woman smothered her husband by accident( which is a fear a lot of people use for not wanting to date a larger person and it is total bunk!) and again on "CSI"(the vegas version) where again, a larger woman was accused of killing a man with her body (Of the 2, I think "CSI" handled it much better." More recently, "Bones" had an episode that dealt with larger people and I think that so far, they handled the story line the best. ( I won't even get started on the absolutely terrible and thankfully short-lived Fox show "Babes"!) Until "The Practice", larger women have not gotten a lot of recogition for being capeable of being a love interest or even carrying a more leading role.

This got me to thinking about history and the role of larger people. At one time, larger people were considered a social ideal in the fact that they were wealthy and could afford the best food and drinks. Ruebens even painted well rounded women in his art and in some cultures women were literally worth their weight in gold. Women in harems were pampered and to prove your wealth, if they were on the larger side, it proved you had great wealth to keep them all fed so well.

Then those wacky Victorians with their social mores and taboos (and the most prolific producers of naughty stuff!) also changed how we saw larger people. The Victorian Era brought prosperity to more and more people, raising the middle class to a new art-form. By displaying material items(the beginning of keeping up with the Jonses') instead of showing off with how much food you could provide, and the wide spread useage of the corest, thin became in. Hour glass figures and wasp waists became fashion ideal. (Even in men!) This, like many other social conventions, have remained to this day.

With all this talk of wars on obesity (again,when did people become a war?)it is nice to see at least one larger woman suceeeding, hopefully opening the door for the rest of us, to work on social acceptance for all.

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Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
ABC Family channel will be premiering a new show on June 28, 2010 at 9 p.m. called "Huge" will start Nikki Blonsky as a teen at a weight loss camp. According to the advance statement on the site, this show will follow 7 teens at this camp and how they learn to see themselves in a better light. I am not too sure about this nor am I sure of the new CBS show coming this fall called "Mike and Molly" in which a police officer meets a woman at an overeaters anonymous meeting.

I am all for positive images of larger people in movies and television, and I will keep my eye on these shows as I cannot comment until I have seen them, but I am worried about the messages they may send to all people about larger people. If the kids are at fat camp, is this going to be following their weigth loss journey and they will only feel good about themselves when they loose weight or will the self perceptions change before the weight loss?

As for CBS, the new show is from the creator of "Two and a half men" and the "Big Bang Theory" (one of my faves!) so it should be funny, but will it be all fat jokes?

We will have to wait and see.

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Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
O.K. I have to admit that I am liking "Mike and Molly" so far. The leads are truly plus-sized and the jokes about weight,so far (like Molly's response to her mother saying she' just big boned, "Bones don't jiggle ma!"), have been done with a lot of love. The over all message is that both of them are in O.A. but are o.k.with themselves,they just want to be healthier. I love Swoozie Kurtz as Molly's mom. So far, she is just a little clueless, but loves her daughter for who she is.

I will keep monitoring this show with my utmost watch dog eye and I will be reviewing "Drop Dead Diva" soon, and "Huge" as soon as it comes out on DVD.

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Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
TLC is now running "Say Yes to the Dress: Big Bliss" where they are following plus-size brides in their journey to find the perfect wedding gown. I applaud this idea. They are at Kleinfeld's, NY. which is one of the largest bridal stores in the country. They actually carry sample dresses up to a size 30,and since most sample dresses are a 10 (which usually fit a 6) that is saying something. It's a start, and I like the idea of showing larger women as someone to love. It's about time.

I have emailed TLC and the store to tell them that I think that these are great ideas. So far, TLC has acknowledged my email with a big thank you.

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Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
O.K. I finally got to watch Lifetime's series "Drop Dead Diva" season 1 on DVD. I must say that I really like it and am looking forward to season 2 when it comes out. Brooke Elliot plays the main character,Jane Bingum, who is a scary smart lawyer in Beverly Hills. Brooke D'Orsay plays in the pilot and a few flash backs as Deb, a thin, blond model who is going for a Price is Right model audition when she is killed when she runs her car into a grapefruit truck.

After getting to heaven,she is told that she has no good or bad deeds to her life. She sends herself back to earth, but ends up in Jane's size 16 body. Jane, who had just been shot in her office while defending her boss,was the nearest "empty vessel". Now Deb exists in Jane's body with all of her own memories and Jane's intelligence. April Bowlby plays Deb's best friend Stacey, whom Deb seeks out and tells about the situation. Stacey accepts the new Deb/Jane without a hitch. Margaret Cho plays Jane's assistant.

The show's first season dealt with everything from weight discrimination, to fashion discrimination. So many subjects were so close to home for me, that I cried a little at some of the episodes. This to me is a "Mike and Molly" level of positive images of larger people on T.V. and I hope that season 2 keeps up the level of good.

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Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
There is a new movie coming out direct to DVD this summer called "Blubberella". It has already caused a lot of babble on the net with the so called trailer. Uwe Boll uses plus sized actress Lindsay Hollister as his heroine who is a dhamphir (half vampire) that supposed to be fighting Nazis in WWII. I recently read an article in Entertainment Weekly about this and I am not sure how to feel about it until someone I trust watches this movie.

Boll is known for his "BloodRayne" series of movies and Hollister acknowledges his hit or miss style in the article. She is NOT happy with the trailer and the images that are implied (such as her ALWAYS eating something, even killing a nazi for his sandwich!). The movie is rated R so it may be too violent or gory for me, so Narzain said that he will watch it first to see if I should watch it or not. ( I do NOT like violent movies and/or overly gory ones.)

We will monitor this movie and what happens with it. Stay tuned.

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Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
I finally got to see "Huge" this week. It is now out on DVD and the really annoying is that the box says "the complete series" not "season 1" and they do leave you hanging!

It is a good show and if you haven't seen it, go to your library and order it or add it to your Netflix. It is hard to watch at times, and many episodes had me crying because they got it right. It is about a weight loss camp where it is not what you lose but how you feel about yourself that makes a difference. There are plenty of subplots to keep it interesting and a few characters that were just beginning to show some promise when it leaves off.

The show is based on the book by Sasha Paley (and that will be a separate post).

This was a very positive show and Nikki Blonsky (Hair Spray) is truly fantastic as Will who is happy with her body and really doesn't want to be at the camp but her parents sent her for their own reasons. She is happy with her body as it is and says, " I don't see why I have to change my self just because my parents are ashamed of how I look." (Or something to that effect.)

There is so much for every one in this show, I am upset the ABC Family has apparently canceled this show.

Maybe a letter writing and Facebook campaign will bring it back (at least long enough to answer our questions?)

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Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
So Narzain found a made for Lifetime Network movie called "Queen Sized" based on a true story of plus sized girl, Alexandra (Allie) Burris attended Novi High School. While the movie is a positive message about being different and a positive message for the plus sized community, there was a lot of controversy surrounding this movie as the real life girl was a bully and worse according to posts on Lifetimes web site after the movie aired.

The movie is about a girl who gets nominated for homecoming Queen as a joke, runs and wins. I have been there. I too was nominated for Homecoming Queen my senior year as a joke. We did not have campaigns like most schools and people were just written in. The top 3 or so were put on a final ballot and voted on. The day of the court announcement, I of course was hurt and let down. My principal (who was a VERY nice person) took me into his office that day for a little heart to heart. Evidently, there was "Carrie" like plot afoot if I had indeed won. The ultimate joke on the fat girl was the goal, I guess. (The girl who did win, by the way, was a VERY nice girl{no sarcasm there, she was truly a nice person} and deserved it.) So, I knew how Maggie felt and a lot of what she says is so true, that it hurts.

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Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
In regards to the book "Huge", it vaguely has things in common with the show, and I must say the show handled things much better and I really hope ABC Family will finish it soon.

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Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
On 8/30/11 TLC is will be airing a new series called "Big Sexy" and it looks really good, Several large women (over a size 24) will be shown buying clothes (including swimsuits) and going out with friends and dates. I am looking forward to this.

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Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
I got to see "Big Sexy" on a re-run Sunday. It is a fantastic show, but hard to watch because I can identify so much with these women. 5 women, Nikki, Leslie, Audrey, Heather and Tiffany are friends who live in N.Y. Audrey is 6'3"(335) and is a makeup artist, Leslie runs a plus-size re-sale shop, Tiffany wants to be a run way model, Nikki is a model and Heather is a 36 DDD. (This is the info we get in the first eppy.)

They go to fashion week and decide to go a club afterward. They are held back while 2 thin women are let in for free,and then are told it will cost them $30 a piece to get into the club. They walk away, hurt and upset. Next they do try a BBW party, but nothing happens that they are thrilled with. They try speed dating, and one guy admits that he only goes out with larger women if he is drunk. Nikki is in the process of a divorce after 10 years of marriage and during that time, her husband never put his arm around her waist or touched her midsection which has made her self conscious about it.

The ladies decide to have their own indy fashion show with swim suits and Audrey invites her mom who is a former model. She felt growing up that she and her sister were "never good enough" because of this. The show goes well, and I do look forward to more shows, but I think I may have to wait for dvd so I can pause it and come back.

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Paul (merman1967) | 228 comments That sounds really interesting. Is it a series or a movie?

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Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
It is a new series and I hope to see more of it. It currently runs Tuesday at 10 p.m. Those of you who can get streaming feed may be able to get it if you don't have cable. I will have to wait for reruns or for it to come out on DVD to see all of it since it runs opposite a program we already watch.

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Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
I got to see the second episode of "Big Sexy" yesterday on a re-run. Tiffany, the one who wants to be a model, is a size 1x or so. She went to talk to her agent and was told that she needs to lose weight to be a plus sized model as they only use 1-2x sizes and if she goes into a 22 she will be a "waste of their time and money." This was being said to her by a woman who was probably a 24 herself. Tiffany did find out that she has a slow thyroid (like me) and with medication she will be fine.

Leslie,who runs the plus-sized store,helped a comedienne Erica Watson, find beautiful outfits for her stand up show "Fat Bitch" and Erica is FUNNY! She is about a size 30 or so, and has the added sass of an African American woman (think Mo'nique) to her act as well. The ladies finished the episode by attending Erica's show.

Meanwhile, all 5 decided that since the BBW party they had gone to the week before had been a bust, they decided to have their own party. Their general take on BBW parties is that they either attract men who are only out for sex, do not up lift and celebrate the BBW/BBM, prey on desperate BBW/BBM, and are an all around embarrassment to larger people. The ladies also feel that "chubby chasers" are not so nice men who only see larger women as easy targets or see men as pervs.

So, with this is mind, they decide to interview all of the men before they hold the party. The ladies are a little disappointed to find that the only respondents are African American men and a few others of ethnic backgrounds. One of the guys (they did not remember screening) was in a relationship and looking just for sex! (I mean really!)

So far this show is good and they go to Miami this week......

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Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
Melissa MacCarthy won the Emmy for best actress in a comedy! She won for "Mike and Molly" and you can see her acceptance speech at:

They awarded the Emmy in the category beauty pageant style and I could not be happier!

Score one for the big girls!

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Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
So, Food Network has developed their own version of "Biggest Loser" with "Fat Chef" which will air January 26, 2012. I am not sure how I fell about this as I am torn with not wanting to watch it, and wanting to see how they handle this. I have seen many of the chefs on other network shows before, on such shows as "Sweet Genius" which pitted pastry chefs against a theme and a secret ingredient, as hosts of shows and as chefs on "Iron Chef".

I realize that this must be hard for anyone with food issues to do this job. As a chef, you HAVE to taste the food to make sure that it is seasoned and tastes how you want it to. It is doubly hard when what you make are sweets. I hope that things will be handles in a sensitive manner.

message 17: by Natalie (new)

Natalie Slaughter | 1 comments I have a really big problem with their new "Fat Chef" show for numerous reasons. One, because it depicts fat people as helpless in the face of food. Two, because it seems to assume that all fat people must have an eating disorder of some sort. If you're fat it's because you stuff your face all day and you just can't control yourself.

Now, that's not to say some fat people don't have ED's-- just like some skinny people have ED's. But if it's not so hard to believe that some people are just naturally skinny why is it hard to believe that some people's bodies are just naturally fat?

So to me this can either be one of two things: a show that blames fat on food consumption and implies that being fat is a result of an ED and really all you need to do is stop stuffing your face and magically you'll stop being fat, or it's about body policing and shaming people's bodies for not conforming to modern beauty standards (or perhaps even shaming people with ED's-- for anyone who's ever had one you know about how effective that is).

There's a reason diets don't work. There's a reason that the majority of the time people focus on weight loss/fitting into a size 2 they fail to meet their goals. You're focusing on the wrong thing, and you're trying to change something that doesn't need to be changed.

I hate shows that shame fat people. The Biggest Loser is a show that makes me cringe every time it comes on. When the title of the show itself shames you for being fat you know it's not actually going to be about health-- it's going to be about being pretty. Carrie Fisher lost me forever as a fan when she went on Jenny Craig and said she only felt like she had a life again when she was thin and pretty, because as a thin person she now had permission to wear colors.

I have no problem with someone wanting to become healthier. This isn't healthier. It's televised bullying.

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Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
I agree.

I am reserving judgement until I see the actual show, but my fears are just what you said. That they will make it look like these chefs are fat only because they have no will power and that this is all their own fault. I have been big all of my life and I know genetics play a major part in that as well as my aversion to exercise due to gym class horrors. As an adult I have been working on things and I am not perfect, but a work in progress. I have and do admit to being a food addict, (see post to that effect)and I am working on it.

I feel that shows like "Biggest Loser" are exploitative of low self esteem and I do not feel that the methods on the show are overly constructive. There are those who feel that they need the drill sergeant approach to exercise and weight loss, and that is their prerogative, but to me, that should be an individual choice and done in private. People with serious eating disorders or problems should be in the care of a professional and be handled gently.

Food has many emotional issues to it and shows like this one and others make me fearful of enforcing stereotypes,which this group is trying to stop. Like I said, I will watch it first before I pass judgement and hope my fears are not brought to life.

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Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
I have not seen the show "Fat Chef" as of yet, but there was an article in the Plain Dealer yesterday as there are a few local chefs or chefs with local connections who are appearing on the show. It follows each person on their journey and does not pit them against others in a competition, so kudos for that. The show airing this Thursday, 2-2-12, will focus on 2 Cleveland are chefs, one who lost over 100lbs. during the course of filming.

Each chef not only had to follow and individual diet, and exercise program, they still had to run their kitchens as well. The one chef featured, had to rely on his staff to taste the food in order to stay on his diet plan. He commented that the life of a chef is eating many late night meals and many not so good for you foods as you eat when you can.

I can see this and I can see why these people would want to do a program to help themselves. What I do not like is it being plastered on television as if larger people are some kind of object to watch. On one hand, nobody is being humiliated on purpose but on the other, many find it funny to watch the fat man run. Where I see my daily life struggle, others may find pity or humor. I don't want pity or to be laughed at unless I am being funny. I want to be treated like a human being.

I realize shows like this may inspire a healthy change for some, but all I know is, no one is watching thin people lose weight in a competition.

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Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
TLC now has a show that produced by Stacey London of "What Not to Wear". It is called "Big Brooklyn Style" and it follows the story of Lisa Dolan, a plus sized woman who designs 90% of what she carries in her store, Lee Lee's Valise. She wants women of all sizes to feel good about themselves which is a noble idea. I watched this show yesterday for the first time, and it runs at 3 p.m. on Tuesdays. (That's Eastern time by the way.)

In the two episodes I saw yesterday, I loved what I saw and I was ready to ROAD TRIP TO BROOKLYN! Today, not so much. According to the website, she only caters up to a size 28. What about women of all sizes feeling good about themselves? If she has been big all her life as she says, then where is the love for the rest of us bigger gals who aren't a 28?

Lisa got pissed with plus sized mom who was horribly negative with her plus sized daughter, even saying that she wished her daughter were thin, as she looked better that way. Later, mom confessed that she felt guilty having a large child when she was large herself. Both episodes showed both returning and first time customers, including a woman who pole danced :) The store is celebrating 5 years in business and they had a party with all of her customers to celebrate this. Lisa would like to open stores all over the country so that all women will feel good about themselves, but I still ask, how can I if she doesn't carry my size?

Again I feel that the truly plus size are being left behind for a "socially acceptable" plus size and by one of our own, that really hurts.

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Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
I have emailed Lisa Dolan about her show and shop. I mentioned us, and how disappointed I am to see that she only goes up to 28. We'll see if she responds and how.

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Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
This is a copy of my email to Lisa Dolan (minus my signature) so that all you may see what I said. If if get a response, I will post it here as well.


Ms. Dolan,

I would like to start out by saying that I love the idea of your shop and show. I finally got to see an episode of "Big Brooklyn Style" this week and was ready to ROAD TRIP TO BROOKLYN! from the Cleveland, Ohio area where I live. I am in LOVE with your designs and your philosophy that women of every size should be able to feel good about themselves. I have struggled to find age appropriate clothes when I was younger and still have that problem now, along with good fit and flattering design. I was ready to road trip, until I looked up your site. I am highly disappointed to see that yet again, the truly plus sized are being left out in the cold. I am of the mind that a plus size starts at 26/28 and goes up, not ends. I can get a 26/28 in most department stores. When stores like "Torrid", "Lane Bryant" and "Catherine's" claim to be for plus sizes and stop short of a true plus size or end short of my size, I feel that I and others are being let down by the clothing industry. Catalog shopping is no better where everything is either sized off a "perfect 18" or stops at a 4 x, even though they claim to carry up to 6 or 7x, only about 10% of the product goes that big, and is not made well. You stated in one of the episodes that I watched that you have been plus all of your life. You also stated that you would like to eventually expand your store to other cities. I ask you to think about the highly ignored size 30 and up market that goes without nice clothes every day because we are treated like we should not leave our homes because we are fat. Too many of us cannot find basic clothing like t-shirts, slacks, shorts, bathing suits, wedding gowns or the like because the clothing industry has deemed us not favorable for profit, and society has written us off as undesirable. Yet, we are desirable people. I have a wonderful boyfriend who loves me, family that cares, friends, "nieces" and a "nephew" who all love me for who I am, and solid career as the best nanny you'll ever have, with plenty of happy kids who have all loved me, arm flaps and all. I too want all people to embrace who they are, regardless of their size.

This is why I run an advocacy group called Perspective Plus. We are currently hosted on and we have been around for 2 years now. I started the group as a way for all of us to feel better about ourselves blog, and to encourage social and political change to accept all people for who they are. I struggled with who I am for years. There was depression, tears,and a lot of confidence issues. I am known to say that we are all works in progress. I am trying to be healthier in my life. I swim a mile a week and am trying to make even healthier choices in my diet and activities. I am still a 5-6x, and I need things like swim suits and other basic clothes that are hard to find. I need things like underwear (sz. 14) and bras (52C, no underwire, thank you) that are also hard to find. Jeans (with all elastic waists or in stretch are also hard to find, along with t-shirts, shorts, and other everyday wear is also hard. I would love to have nice things like a dresses, skirts, or most coveted, lingerie. Too many items like this are too short, too tight, or not made well. When some one like your self comes along, I am happy. We need more people like you, but we also need a voice for those of us who are not "socially acceptable fat." If you are a 22-28, you can get by. You are considered curvy, and that is fine. I am considered to be cow, whale, elephant, what have you, that should stay at home and not offend the general public with my vastness. At least that is how the clothing industry makes me feel when I cannot find clothes that fit. I am very proud of myself, my size, and who I am. I would like my wardrobe to reflect that as well. . I have thought about staging a "naked-in" during fashion week to get designers to take us seriously.

Perhaps you are the person who can help us lead the charge.

Thank you for your time. I hope that I may have given you something to consider in the up coming years as you expand your business. Size wise, item wise and customer wise. I hope someday I may be able to shop at your store and find my size.

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Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
Paul sent me this and I am not sure where to put this. The women are over a size 12, but they are still not what I would call plus sized. It is a great step in a great direction.

Some of the photos are spicy and may offend more sensitive members, so please be advised.

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Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
I have not seen these movies as of yet, but here is a list of a few movies you might want to check out:

"Curve" which is about plus size models.

"Beautiful Girl"

"More to Love"

"I'm the one that I want" and "Notorious CHO" by Margaret Cho

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Narzain | 194 comments So, I recently watched "Pitch Perfect." It's a comedy centered around acapella college singing clubs and their national competition. Your basic 'group of misfits come together and triumph' story that we've seen dozens of times. It was done pretty well, and there's some decent voices in it. The only really negative aspect was a running gag (so to speak) that just didn't need to be, and will keep me from re-watching it. Otherwise, not bad at all.

Why am I talking about this movie here? Because one of the misfits in question is played by Rebel Wilson, an unashamedly shapely Australian actress. Her character is named "Fat Amy," but I don't see this as negative since that's how she introduces herself, saying "I call myself Fat Amy up front so none of you twig b****es can say it behind my back." That is the one and only reference to her weight in the entire movie. She is treated the same as every other woman in the club, for good or for ill. One character does refer to her as "disgusting," but he's the leader of the college's rival club, and they hate each other sight-unseen based on their affiliation; plus, one sentence later he's hitting on her (and later she has his phone number), so draw your own conclusions.

All in all, I think the big girl was treated well. No one commented on her size, positively or negatively. She was just one of the girls. If that's not acceptance, I don't know what is.

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Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
Thank you. I encourage all members who watch movies with larger actors in them to comment on those films here so we can all A)discus them B)find positive images to watch, or C) protest against negative images.

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Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
I got to see "Identity Thief" a while ago, but so much has been going on, I didn't have time to post. We have had discussion about the review by Rex Harrison and his description of Mellisa McCarthy being "tractor like". I did not care for this movie, not because of how McCarthy was portrayed or her acting,but because I just didn't find it funny. I think lack of direction just hurt the whole film in general. The plot was weak and while there were some good moments (toward the end) it just wasn't that good. I do not see why Harrison made the comments he made as McCarthy was dressed nicely (not as well as Molly but then the character was not designed to look that nice at first) but still nicely dressed all the same, meaning that her clothes fit and were not too small or caftans.

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Mel (metermouse) Kim wrote: "I finally got to see "Huge" this week. It is now out on DVD and the really annoying is that the box says "the complete series" not "season 1" and they do leave you hanging!

It is a good show and i..."

I love Huge!!! Lesley at Two Whole Cakes did GREAT recaps!! They also had a few episodes of the Fatcast that were about the show. I was SOOOO sad when I found out it wasn't coming back!!!! I just want Will and Ian to kill already!!

I did find some fanfic that is supposed to wrap it up to give some closure, but I haven't read it yet.

Edit: whoops I meant to write "kiss" up there, not kill!!!

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Mel (metermouse) I recently watched "The Hairdresser" or (Die Friseuse - It's a german movie) and I enjoyed it. It's about a woman trying to get her life together after a divorce. There isn't a huge deal is made about her weight/size and it is mostly brought up to illustrate discrimination. Also she doesn't have to lose weight in the movie to improve her life (yay!).

It's available on netflix watch instantly!

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Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
I have not watched "Super Fun Night" and frankly, based on the commercials, I don't want to. I love the idea that a full bodied woman is the lead of a show, but do they have to show her eating a turkey leg?! Really? Seriously, we HAVE to show her eating a turkey leg and make it THE focus of a commercial for the show? We couldn't have picked a different scene?

I find that offensive and it does not make me want to watch the show anytime soon.

Any thoughts?

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Mel (metermouse) Kim wrote: "I have not watched "Super Fun Night" and frankly, based on the commercials, I don't want to. I love the idea that a full bodied woman is the lead of a show, but do they have to show her eating a t..."

I haven't watched it either (mostly because I usually just hate sitcoms). But I was hoping that either way the show would be good or successful (or dare I hope- even both!), because how awesome would it be to have a fat female main character on a major network!?

I loathe fat jokes, unless they are done by fat people to illustrate the absurdity of fat oppression, and it's a thin line between disgust and humor.

Lesley had an interesting post about the show on Xojane yesterday...

message 32: by Narzain (new)

Narzain | 194 comments Sadly, I did watch the first episode of "Super Fun Night." That will be the last episode I watch. I already know Rebel Wilson can be funny, and she's quite capable of acknowledging her size without apologizing for it. But there was really nothing funny about that show. And that really disappoints me; I expected better from her.

message 33: by Kim, Proud Queen of the Fat and Fabulous! (last edited Oct 11, 2013 07:13AM) (new)

Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
I like well done sitcoms, like the early seasons of "Mike and Molly" (I swear that they were following Narzain and I around!), "The Big Bang Theory" (I am a geek,friends with geeks,and have had those same discussions and/or witnessed them)and others. There have been great sitcoms with larger women as the lead, like "Gimme a Break",and the early years of "Rosanne".

The blogger is correct (read the link if you haven't, it's worth it) when she says that we are trained to laugh at larger people and not with them. It is true that we are expected to have a sense of humor about our size and that we are not to take it to heart when we are made fun of, that it's to be "expected".


I feel that this show is doing no favors for the fuller bodied community, but that if we protest this show, we will be made to look like whiners who "can't take a joke." I can take a joke, if it's funny. This looks like a car wreck.

message 34: by Paul (new)

Paul (merman1967) | 228 comments Sadly, I have to agree. We did watch the episode with the turkey leg, and I have mixed perceptions on it. On one hand... the three girls were doing what a lot of us as big people do... eating to deal with pain. I can't even tell you the size of the other two girls, but at least Rebel's character was eating a "healthier" food. One of the girls was eating out of a gallon plastic container of ice cream and the other plowing through a bag of chips.

The show is SUPPOSED to be funny. Was it? No. It had some humorous moments, AND it did have an important message to convey about size acceptance.

"What?!?!" you ask? Yes, it actually did. The girls tried an online dating service, and when they failed to get a response withing a VERY short time (maybe one evening?) Rebel's character decided to lie about who they were. They met the three men, and the men had NO doubts or concerns about looks or sizes. When Rebel's character confessed the lies about who they were/what they did for a living, the men were VERY upset. Again, not with size/looks, but with being lied to. They informed the girls that they seemed like great girls whom they would love to spend time with if not for the lies. It ended with them deciding to give the girls another chance.

Seems like their heart is on the right place. Lets hope they get their footing on the show.

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Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
See, with reviews like this from those I trust, I still don't want to watch what sounds like a painful attempt at humor.

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Sophia Martin | 45 comments I really enjoy "Drop Dead Diva" and have now watched all 4 seasons. Still, I have to say that I am disappointed in the show (though I still like watching it) because not only is Jane the only larger woman on the show among several thin co-stars, but they have focused more and more on the co-stars in my opinion. I love looking at Jane and seeing someone closer to my size (although a size 16 isn't very big in real life). I wish they could just go ahead and populate an intelligent, fun show with women who are anywhere from size 10 to 30 and go ahead and let people get used to that. It's nice to see Jane represented as beautiful and desirable, still. I just would like her to have some friends and co-workers that are like her or perhaps even heavier than she is, and have them also have boyfriends (and girlfriends! Margaret Cho, a co-star, is gay, after all, and while I respect that as an actor she can play straight, why not have some LGBT stuff in there too, maybe with a different character, like, hey, why not Parker???) and be beautiful and desirable.

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Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
I too love "Diva" and watch it on DVD from the library since it is on Sundays and opposite something else I watch. I like that Jane is not a twig, but I did not like how they dressed for the better part of season 4 in drab colors as she has been in jewel tones since late season 1 as "Deb" became more prominent. (Season 4 was the fan season as it had been canceled and the fans got it back.) Cho is no twig either which is also nice to see. Parker is an a** and I think he and Kim are made for each other. And as far as Kim goes, she's a b**** to everyone, so you don't get the "skinny girl is always mean to the fat girl for being fat" vibe at all. (Maybe season 1, but they have all grown, so kudos to the writers for not making them all one note.)

I have noticed that Jane's cases are not as size related as they were in season 1 or 2, but she still gets to try the really good ones, like the prom case. Think that this series is well done so far (have to wait for season 5 on DVD to know for sure) but it really is a great step in a good direction. Jane is treated like a human being and Stacy accepted her from the get go, no reservations or comments on Jane's size, which for their part of the world, is big. I agree that 16 is not that big (which is why I keep saying it's not a plus size, it's normal size) but as far as the television landscape is concerned,it is a rare sight.

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Mel (metermouse) Sophia wrote: "I really enjoy "Drop Dead Diva" and have now watched all 4 seasons. Still, I have to say that I am disappointed in the show (though I still like watching it) because not only is Jane the only large..."

Hmmm Maybe I'll give the show a try. I was always too scared to try it out, just too many ways it could go horribly wrong. I think it was on netflix, I wonder if it still is...

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Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
It should be,I don't Netflix, but I do know that my library has all 4 seasons so most major systems should carry it.

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Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
Going back to a previous discussion about this, I finally got my copy of "The Heat" from the library recently. What could have been a funny movie was ruined by violence and swearing that was just there to be there. I felt that McCarthy was highly underused as she was in her last movie "Identity Thief". We know that she is very funny, but again a director/writer did not see to know what to do with her, so we just had her curse a lot.

Bullock pretty much relives her role in "Miss Congeniality" granted more polished, but similar. If the movie had been PG-13, I think that it would have been funnier and McCarthy could have shone as they would have had to actually wrote dialog and not just stick in a curse word and a violent act.

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Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
The latest "Biggest Loser" has people all a twitter (pun intended). I do not like this type of show and have not watched it because to me it glorifies the idea of competition for the sake of competition vs. being truly healthy.

I will let you all tell me what you think about this one:

message 42: by Narzain (new)

Narzain | 194 comments I definitely think she went too far. As a former competitive swimmer, she should have some concept of what is a healthy weight for herself, and she went straight past that range. When even Jillian Michaels has the "what did you do" face, you know you're in trouble.

One of the many issues I have with this show is the fact that it's not about becoming healthy, it's about losing the most weight. Does someone have to slide into full-blown anorexia or even die before people realize this?

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Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
Yes. We live in a society that lives and dies by the misconception of weight and size being the end all/be all of who and what we are. If you are larger, you must not be healthy. Period. End of argument. Many people have a dysmorphic disorder and then there is the just plain over skewing of "ideal sized people" in our ads, shows and movies. People don't know what is real any more and as long as we continue to live by imaginary numbers made up by insurance companies to justify charging us more and more money for less and less coverage, stand up to doctors who have fallen for those numbers hook line and sinker and stand up for ourselves more and more and put an end to shows like this, we are going to keep sliding down this incredibly Acme Axel greased slope right into extinction.

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