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OK ladies... What is the countdown???

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message 1: by Aliya (new)

Aliya Schwerner I can hardly wait! What is the countdown to Blood Noir? I haven't even looked at any exerpts from LKH's books, I am too excited and don't want any info until I have the book(s) right in front of me!

How many days are left?

message 2: by Susan (new)

Susan (susanbevans) 9 days, 4 hours, 31 minutes, 40 seconds.

message 3: by Cat Singh (last edited May 19, 2008 02:17PM) (new)

Cat Singh | 202 comments 7 days, 9 hours, 43 minutes and 32 seconds.

shit, i can't stant it.
someone just get a Browning and shoot me.

message 4: by Jessie (new)

Jessie | 71 comments 3 Days 10 Hours 18 Min.

Is is just me or does the cover art seem really really out of style of the rest of the series prior????

message 5: by Susan (new)

Susan (susanbevans) YES! I really hope it is a mistake, but it looks like they're going in a new direction. It won't stop me from buying or anything but it is disapointing.

message 6: by Karen (new)

Karen (mansiongal) | 8 comments I just posted in the Blood Noir topic -- Amazon sent me an email this evening that my preordered copy shipped and delivery is 5/28!!

message 7: by Aliya (new)

Aliya Schwerner Karen, I am so jealous! I am waiting for my library to get it in. Booo!

message 8: by Jessie (new)

Jessie | 71 comments I am heading to Borders as soon as I get out of my day job. They wouldn't let me pick it up while I was working there Saturday. We had them in already and everything....Grrrrr....Aaargh!!!

message 9: by Danni (new)

Danni Jones (dannijones) | 5 comments I'm about halfway through the book already. :) I went and bought it at about 2:00 this afternoon. I didn't order it online because it was $25 plus shipping, Hastings had it for $17.00 in the store. Awesome. Can't put it down.

message 10: by Stacy (new)

Stacy | 191 comments Mod
That's cool Jessie I work at Borders too. I am the laydown girl on monday nights so I was there last night so I got to take it home after I got off work last night. I actually started reading it on my lunch break yesterday I felt so special (: I guess we are a little less strict than your borders. It pays to work at a bookstore sometimes. I'm almost finished with the book. I totally love Jason.

message 11: by Jessie (new)

Jessie | 71 comments Well in all fairness, it was 3 days before release date so I can understand the implications though I considered it cruel and unusual punishment. I haven't gotten too far yet. Though I brought it with me today to my day job...that may have been a very bad idea!!!! LOL

message 12: by Danni (new)

Danni Jones (dannijones) | 5 comments Awesome!! I wish it had gotten more into the whole situation with Marmee Noir and the marks though.

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