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Water for Elephants Movie Casting

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message 1: by Kate (last edited Mar 08, 2010 06:10PM) (new)

Kate Harding | 36 comments I recently read that they had cast Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson in the upcoming movie version of "Water for Elephants." Since it looked like so many people on this list had read that book, I was curious what everyone thought.

I can see Reese Witherspoon, but cannot imagine Pattinson in any way as Jacob. He just seems all wrong to me.

message 2: by Maggie (last edited Mar 09, 2010 06:49AM) (new)

Maggie | 394 comments I agree - yes to Reese Witherspoon - but Robert Pattinson why? Definitely wrong.

message 3: by Leigha (new)

Leigha (leighas_life) | 719 comments That makes me feel sad. I like Reese okay, but not a big fan of Robert.

Granted, I haven't read the book yet, so who knows.

message 4: by Kristina (new)

Kristina (kristina3880) I agree with everyone with Reese Witherspoon. I am pondering on Robert??? I think I have type cast him as the lead of Twilight. We will see.

Question.... Who would be the better actor for the character of Jacob. I know it would be awkward.. But I picture Jake Gylenhaal. What does everyone else think?

message 5: by Maggie (last edited Mar 19, 2010 09:41AM) (new)

Maggie | 394 comments Like Reese too old but I could see them both in the roles. isn't that awful saying 'too old' at their ages? Sorry!

message 6: by Kate (new)

Kate Harding | 36 comments Kristina - I like the idea of Jake Gylenhaall as Jacob, although I picture someone a bit more slight in build.

I also read that they just cast Christoph Waltz (just won an Oscar for Inglorius Basterds) as August. Look and body wise he seems ALL wrong, but playing that duel personality of sickeningly nice one minute and psychotic the next...he might be perfect.

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