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Kimi Ni Todoke

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message 1: by The Bear (new)

The Bear | 6 comments Has anyone read it? I've read up to Chapter 38 aka as far as the scanlation goes.

If you like really goofy shojo then you'll like it. :]

message 2: by Priyam (new)

Priyam | 12 comments I have!!

I love it!!!!!!!! One of the greatest shoujo of this decade! ;)

message 3: by The Bear (new)

The Bear | 6 comments i absolutely love sawako's facial expressions. have you seen the anime? it's pretty true to the manga...

message 4: by Priyam (new)

Priyam | 12 comments Yep! though I'm about two eps behind ^^;
Kazehaya's smile is to die for~~

message 5: by The Bear (new)

The Bear | 6 comments hehe. agreed. i've only watched the first couple of episodes. i really like the opening song too... its adorable...

message 6: by Katie (new)

Katie (shimmerpop) | 42 comments I concur with Priyam and The Bear, Kazehaya's smile is to die for<3

I think I've read to ch 27 or 28 and I do love it, stopped reading around there for some reason, keep meaning to catch up again but *shrugs*.

I think Ryu is totally hot and if he were a real man, I'd be head over heels. I was drooling over him from the first time he appeared...I guess he's my type. Oh, and Ryu's older brother (forgot his name) is really hot too.

I love Chizu(especially Chizu) and Ayane, they're awesome.

P.S. Sorry for the boy-crazy moment.

message 7: by The Bear (new)

The Bear | 6 comments Dude. No problem. I love Ryu sooooo much!

message 8: by Jamie (new)

Jamie | 5 comments I love this series Sawako is so funny and I love Kazehaya
so much that I went and watch the anime online XD

message 9: by Shion (new)

Shion | 11 comments woah, i read that series! i frikin luv it!!!

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