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Which Dave do you like?

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Lisa Sanchez Okay, so I'm three quarters of the way through this delightful book, and so far I'm partial to David. Yeah, Big D is a giant teddy bear and super sweet, but I'm digging the quiet connection between Jen and David. Ellie needs to take a hike!

Nicki Elson Hahaha! I love it! Okay, so I'm late to this discussion, so you may be further in the book now...are you still feeling it for David?

If you haven't seen it yet, there's a quiz at my Web site to see which Dave is right for you: Will you get David???

Lisa Sanchez Nicki~ I finished the book, and yeah...I'm totally a David girl :) I'll have to go check out your quiz.

Wendy Ewurum Definitely the first Dave, and I don't mean the king,

Megan Big D. I still never forgave David after he used Jen just to get back with his HS girlfriend.

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