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Visual Kei - culture

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message 1: by Praj (new)

Praj Anyone familiar with the Visual Kei culture?

message 2: by Melanie (new)

Melanie Formosa (melformosa) | 3 comments No, care to elaborate? :)

message 3: by Praj (new)

Praj I think the visual kei originated in japan in the early 1980's among the punk rock, goth genre. The dressing style concentrates on the aspect of androgyny. That is characterized by the use of make-up, elaborate hair styles and flamboyant costumes, often, but not always, coupled with androgynous aesthetics. Some sources state that Visual Kei refers to a music genre, or to a sub-genre of J-rock (a term referring to Japanese rock in general), with its own particular sound, related to glam-rock, punk and metal. Visual Kei's unique clothing, make-up, fashions, and participation in the related sub-culture is equally as important . I am unaware of any other details on this subject. would like to know more too.

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