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This is for things that they do together. Like they both listen to the band Midnight Syndicate.

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Maybe they like skipping rocks across a lake/pond and both can get at least 4 or 5 jumps each.

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kul, what else

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Hmm...maybe the sometimes lay in the backyard or something at night and look at the stars.

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I'm sleepy.

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me 2

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Now I'm really bored and kind of irritated with how repetitive my iPod is.

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RedPath | 562 comments lol

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I need a new band. Or singer. Either one.

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And money.

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O.o have u heard of....Boys like girls?

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Yes. And I only like one or two songs.

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The Academy is?

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I've heard of them.

Do you know Gym Class Heroes?

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I'm looking them up right now.

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I just want to know if they're any good.

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I like them, kinda wierd, but prettty good.

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Okay. I'll have to get one of their CD's from the library or somehting.

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their funny

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Awesome. I like funny.

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Maybe they both have an allergy to something...

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RedPath | 562 comments strawberries? Cedar? micro-fiber?

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Randi (The Artist Formerly known as Guitar Chick) (guitarchick) | 48 comments BAND ALERT! Patti Rothberg. She does ever style known to man. I garuntee you'll find something you like from her.

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