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(have fun)

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Laura put her Ipod headphones in and went for a jog around her block.

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Laura finished her jog and walked around for a cool down.

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Laura shricked, "Oh my god!" She held her hand to her heart, "Look where you are going!"

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Laura laughed, "No it's fine. I'm just glad you didn't hit me!"

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Laura smiled, "Good!"

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"Umm yeah. I do. Mark, right?" Laura asks.

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She nods, "Yeah that's me. Mind taking me back to my place?"

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Laura smiled and got in the car.

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Laura recited her address, "Its not too far. I hope I don't make you late for anything!"

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"Ok. If you're sure." Laura says.

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Laura nods smiling, "Ok."

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Laura nodded, "Yep. Thank you!"

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Laura smiled back, "See ya." She got out and waved before walking up to her door.

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Laura walked into her house after grabbing her spare key from over the door.

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Laura walked to her kitchen putting her iPod in the charger.

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Laura took out her ponytail and brushed it with her fingers. She got changed into her waitress uniform and walked the few blocks to her job.

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Laura walked over to her tables and noticed Mark and a few other guys, "Hello."

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She smiled back, "Can I get you guys anything?"

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Laura took the orders and walked back to the counter, "Here you go Mike." She said to the cook.

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It was a slow day. So Laura leaned on the counter waiting for the guys orders to be done. She kept looking at Mark.

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The food was done so Laura brought it to their table. "Here you go!"

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Laura smiled and gave them a strange look. She walked over to the other table and cleared the dishes.

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Laura finished with the dishes and brought them to the back of the resturant. One of the other waitresses came up to her and said, "Is that boy your boyfriend? He's so cute!" Laura blushed, "No just a friend." The waitress shook her head, "Such a shame."

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Laura finished with a few other tables, sevring them, she waited for Mark and his table to be done so she could talk to him again.

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Laura walked back over and asked, "Ready for you checks?"

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Laura smiled, "Ok. I'll be right back." Laura wrote up each of the necks seperate. When she got to Marks, she bit her lip and wrote her number on the bottom of it. She walked back over the their table.

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Laura tried not to blush as she waited for their money.

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Laura smiles at him and takes the money to the casheir.

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Laura saw him put her number in and smiled. She returned to the table and gave them their change.

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Laura got her phone out and texted back, 4:30

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kk bye ;) Laura finished up her shift.

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Laura walked out of the returant and saw Mark.

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Laura quickly messed with her hair to make sure it was still straight. She smiled back at Mark, "You waited."

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"I didn't know if you would just leave..." Laura trails off.

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Laura smiles and nods, "Yes."

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Laura smiles and nods, "Yes."

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((Haha oh well))

Laura smiles, "You pick."

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Laura smiled at him and got in.

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"Any of those is fine!" Laura says, "Sorry I'm indecisive!"

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Laura nods, "That sounds good."

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Laura took hers and smiled, "Thank you."

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"Soo?" Laura says smiling at him.

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Laura shrugged, "Like always. Big rush at the begining and it slowly trickles down to nothing."

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"I think you should." Laura smiles. "Where do you work?"

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Laura says, "Wow. That's cool. You play guitar?"

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Laura smiles, "Wow. Really? That's so cool!"

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Laura smiled, "All I can do is play piano!"

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Laura laughed, "Kinda!"

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Laura turned toward the screen.

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