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Cabin Number:

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Name: Stella
Age: 17
Gender: f
Personality: sarcastic, smart, cynical and a critic, nice once you know her but doesn't make a huge effort to make friends, hardworking and doesn't care if she gets dirty
Appearance: long, straight pitch black hair with aqua side bangs that is often in a ponytail, grass-green eyes, fair skin
Cabin Number: 4
Other: Jeremy is her younger, adopted brother

Name: Jeremy
Age: 15
Gender: m
Personality: friendly and caring
Appearance: messy, curly dirty blonde hair, gray-blue eyes, small frame and short
Cabin Number: 6
Other: he has cancer, and this may be his last summer to live, so his parents sent him to the camp even though they really wanted to be with him. Stella is his older sister and he's adopted.

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Angela (thegreatwoodenfush) Name: Jeanne (called j)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: Nice, sarcastic, average, and tomboyish
Appearance: Short cropped brown hair
Cabin Number: 3

Redmoon the guy with the face name (woooooooooooahfail) | 408 comments Name:Zach
Persoonality:fun loving, nice, no care in the world kid.
Apperance:black cloths with streaks of white and fingerless white gloves (no glasses) and blonde hair. green eyes.
cabin number:1
Other:first time at camp and loves fish (not food no no just loves them)

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Ryan :) Night | 155 comments Yeaaaah, I'll make it soonish
name: Jayden ocelot (called eithor jay or ocolot)
age: 13 almost 14
cabin #: 7
personality: nice, athletic, outgoing
apperance: dark brown long (bangs are lip length sides inch past tip of ear back 2 on past neck) hair, diamond grey colored eyes, mediam height
other: likes and has liked ______ sinse he met her

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Ryan :) Night | 155 comments Yah... Plus were related and it would feel... Just not right, lol

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Kayla (Quessel) (maximumartemis) | 173 comments Name: Alexandra (called Alex)
Age: 14
Gender: f
Personality: outgoing, sarcatsic, pleasant to be around, doesn't like to be pushed around
Appearance: pretty, long red-brown hair, dark brown eyes, sorta tan
Cabin Number: 3
Other: likes Jayden (lol), good at swordfighting/archery

Kayla (Quessel) (maximumartemis) | 173 comments yups lol well i mean what else?

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Ryan :) Night | 155 comments Okk

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Kayla (Quessel) (maximumartemis) | 173 comments yes we do

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Angela (thegreatwoodenfush) Name: Riley
Age: 15
Gender: female
Personality: nice, competitive, extremely athletic, will be and is friends with anyone and everyone
Appearance: blond hair that flips at her shoulder, silver eyes and athletic build
Cabin Number: 3?

Redmoon the guy with the face name (woooooooooooahfail) | 408 comments ugh no cabin 1 execpt me still XD

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Angela (thegreatwoodenfush) well uh my charrie is a girl so she cant be

Redmoon the guy with the face name (woooooooooooahfail) | 408 comments i know but still i'm just waited >.>

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Kayla (Quessel) (maximumartemis) | 173 comments yeah girl charries in cabin 3!!!

Redmoon the guy with the face name (woooooooooooahfail) | 408 comments help me!!! D= lol

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Kayla (Quessel) (maximumartemis) | 173 comments lol SHUN!!

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Angela (thegreatwoodenfush) Are we gonna rp?

Redmoon the guy with the face name (woooooooooooahfail) | 408 comments i want to but we have no lead

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Angela (thegreatwoodenfush) I'm waiting for Kayla and them to reply :p

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