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Read with Me: Tough to Tame by Diana Palmer

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Harlequin Books Tough to Tame
A spellbinding new installment in the Long, Tall Texan series!

New York Times bestselling author Diana Palmer welcomes you back to Jacobsville to become reacquainted with Bentley Rydel. He lives hard and loves fiercely—but sometimes it takes the right woman to make a man a hero. This rugged Texan is going to be Tough to Tame!

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In April, I will be reading Tough to Tame by Diana Palmer. Plenty of time to find a copy so we can discuss the book here! I hope you'll join me.

Harlequin Books Chapters 1 and 2

Cappie Drake works for Dr. Bentley Rydel. He isn't an easy man to work for. He likes to yell. She'll have to learn to speak up for herself or maybe not. He might take it easy on her after he witnessed her accident and helped her home. She could really use a pleasant work place considering all the strain she is in at home. It is just her and her brother against the world and he is in a wheelchair. Ms. Palmer introduces some hard topics in the first 2 chapters that I'm anxious to find out how they will effect Cappie and Dr. Rydel.

Ok, this is going to be tough. I'm going to try to limit myself to one chapter a day but I might not be able to stop myself from reading at least one more chapter. :) If I read it all in one sitting then I will be reading it all by myself instead of with you.

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Rossy Just found an ebook copy at booksonboard so i think i'll join you on this one. Have to get caught up first though since i have yet to read the previous book, but i'll make a post after i do that in a day or two.

Harlequin Books Chapter 3

I could just see the sparkle in Cappie and Dr. Rydel's eyes when they were talking about playing video games. I found it a cute moment in their growing friendship. Of course Diana throws some more hooks into the story with raising some questions about Cappie's brother. It will be interesting to discover how this new info will mesh with the other secret in Cappie's life.

Rossy, Great! I can't wait until you can join in. I wonder if you will be able to stop or if you will read it in one go. I guess I'm lucky that I'm super busy right now and really don't have much time on my hands or I would never be able to put the book down.

Harlequin Books Chapter 4-6

This was a fun portion of the book. You get to know Cappie and Bentley better. I love her reaction to small town gossip. The secrets deepen in regards to her brother and her past might come back to haunt her. To top it all off in chapter 6 something happens that changes everything.

I had to stop reading there because it was time to go get my daughter from school. I hope chapter 7 explains what went wrong and doesn't leave me guessing!

Rossy, Have you started reading Tough to Tame yet? I've been super busy and haven't been able to read until late at night. I usually fall asleep with my book in my hand.

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Rossy *sigh* Nope, i got distracted monday night with a new release. Now i just have to finish two books i already started and then am there!

Harlequin Books chapter 7-8

Oh, I got so mad at Bentley! Men!! I could have hit him upside his head. He better do a lot of begging to win Cappie back. And can you believe what happened to Kell, her brother? I can tell you that scene broke my heart. I know a HEA is coming because this is a romance after all but Diana only has 2 chapters left to pull it off and as mad as Cappie is, I'm sure Bentley must do something pretty special to get him back on her good side.

Rossy, I know how it is to get distracted. It happens all the time to me. Maybe one of my next read with me's will work out for us reading together. Besides, I've been a bit late with my comments this time because I was getting ready for and am now on a family vacation. I'm currently on the hotel computer while my daughter is in the exercise room burning some calories before having to sit in our rental car for who knows how many hours of travel today. We are enjoying seeing the eastern side of the US though. It is beautiful country to travel through.

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Rossy Well if anything else am enjoying your little snippets. They have me quite curious and am sure as soon as i get a chance am reading the book.

Enjoy your vacation, get a tan for me will you?!LOL

Harlequin Books Chapters 9-10

The ending was packed full of intense and dangerous moments but I also got several laughs. The banter between the characters lightened the mood and gave me pleasure. I think Cappie and Bentley make a great couple and I hope she holds his mistakes over his head for years to come. He may have redeemed himself but she has a lifetime with him and can't let his head get any bigger! He was definitely Tough to Tame and she better not lose her edge. LOL

Rossy, I'm enjoying my vacation but I don't think I can help you much with a tan. I have to put the highest SPF on that I can find otherwise I would be redder than a lobster in no time. My family tells me that my skin would glow in the dark. I tend to agree with them. If I lived a couple of centuries ago, I would have made all those women envious of my "English Rose" complexion. hehehe

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Rossy LOL! Oh that is an interesting picture.LOL

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