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message 1: by Trevor (new)

Trevor (trevoroakley) Trying to remember a book title and all I have is this: A girl ends up either homeless or running away from home and ends up living in a bus/train station. She gets a few handouts money wise and for food, she tries to gather saltine cracker and ketchup/mustard packets during the course of the day. I remember something about she would eat all these crackers with ketchup on them.

Am I making this up or did I really read this? Ringing any bells?


message 2: by Lynn (new)

Lynn Biederman | 5 comments You are definitely not making this up. The runaway girl, crackers and whatever condiment packet and bus/train station are absolutely in a book I read. I feel like it was a few years ago, but not sure on timing. The info is spinning around in my head and driving me crazy now. Someone help. :)

message 3: by Melissa (new)

Melissa (mahart) The main character is a boy, not a girl, but otherwise it sounds like you're talking about Slake's Limbo by Felice Holman. It's definitely got the ketchup & crackers incident in it and it's about a teen living in the NYC subway system.

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