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Napagirl74 Hello!
I am late to the start here, but coincidentally had already been keeping track of my books for 2010. I usually read whatever catches my eye, but I also enjoy getting recommendations. So far this year I have read:

1.The Promised World- Tucker,Lisa
2.The Cure for Modern Life- Tucker, Lisa
3.The Walking People- Keane, Mary Beth
4.Best Friends Forever- Weiner, Jennifer

5.The Condition- Haigh, Jennifer
6.Honolulu- Brennert,Alan
7.The Wife's Tale- Lansens, Lori
8.Shanghai Girls- See, Lisa

Total 8

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Napagirl74 March
9.Her Fearful Symmetry- Niffenegger,Audrey
10. The Girl who fell from the Sky-Durrow, Heidi W.
11. Just Take My Heart- Mary Higgins Clark

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Napagirl74 May
12. The Calligrapher's Daughter- Kim, Eugenia

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Napagirl74 July
12. Swimsuit- Patterson, James
13. U is for Undertow- Grafton, Sue
15. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo- Larsson, Stieg
16. The Girl Who Played With Fire- Larsson, Stieg

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Napagirl74 August
17. Leaving the World- Kennedy, Douglas

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Napagirl74 September
18. Look Again- Scottoline,Lisa
19. What the Dead Know- Lippman,Laura
20. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest-Larsson, Stieg
21. The Pajama Girls of Lambert Square- Lippi, Rosina
22. Keeping Faith- Piccoult, Jodi

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Napagirl74 October
23. Change of Heart- Piccoult, Jodi
24. While My Sister Sleeps- Delinsky, Barbara
25. Dirty Blonde- Scottoline, Lisa

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