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((lets start)) tia was walking around the campus

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Brandon twiddled with his arrows on the Artemis' cabin steps

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tia was running past and saw brandon. "hi," she said jogging over and waving.

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Brandon shot a wistling arrow at her in reply

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she caught it in midair and raised her eyebrows. she rolled her eyes and snapped it in half.

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Brandon shrugged and walked to the Forge to talk to a Hephestus.

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tia stomped away to the posiedon cabin and was on the sofa, thinking about the RUDE guy she had just met. her stormy grey eyes clouded with anger. ((im syry my english teacher shes contaminating my mind))

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Brandon came out with a arrow. Brandon shot it and it landed above Tia. It was extra heavy with a note inside it.

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((whats it supposed to say???)) tia opened the letter.

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"Sorry, just wanted your attention. My name is Brandon."

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tia smiled slightly. "ok well im tia but all my friends call me shorty." she added under her breath, "and my past boyfriends."

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The arrow spoke, "Well hello shorty".

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she tossed her hair and huffed. "i can deal with posiedon being my daddy but a talking arrow reaches the limit." she looked at it glaring. "no offense or anythin."

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"No problem. There's a mic in here".

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"why cant you just come out here again??" she asked.

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"I am the shadows." (Why don't you Rp with Aphrodite)

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she shook her head. "nope. i want to see your face and i dont CARE if it looks hideous!!!" she was yelling now. the ocean water lapped the surface gently. she was known for her temper.

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"You asked for it.." in mid sentance he put a hand on her shoulder.

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tia turned around and he took her breath away. "why would you wanna hide a face like that again?" she asked

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"I am an outcast" as he faded into the shadows.

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she tried to grab his arm. "no your not. you dont have to be." ((gtg night))

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(Wow) "I must, my mother.... Is Artemis".

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((Um, Artemis is a maiden goddess. She doesn't have any kids, and she hates all men))

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Kyle (deadbolt18) | 22 comments Josh silently walked through the camp he loved the dark it was the only time he liked to go talk to his friends. He walked towards the woods and turned and ducked down behind a big boulder. He muttered some words under his breath and the ground started to shake the earth split before him and a little guy climbed out of the hole. He was about 5,6' and had short scraggley hair he had a musty smell about him and his skin was pale and caked in dirt and he was dead. "Hey jake." Josh said to his dead now undead friend

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Madelyn walked through the forest with her bow and bronze arrows, looking for a monster for some practice. She heard two people talking, so she hid behind a tree and peeked around it to see. She gasped when she saw a skeleton talking to a human.

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((mrs tom felton is right. but thats okay)) "why?" tia pestered. ((hey wouldnt it be cool if josh and tia could be childhood friends and then brandon gets jealous??))

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(Fine by me) "Nothing". He tried to fade back.

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tia shrugged and left. she saw a guy talking to a skeleton. he smelled like.... josh! she hid behind the tree not wanting him to see her.

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Brandon jumped on a tree neer them. Every girl had avoided him, why not her.

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Madelyn saw another person, and being the shy girl she was, she climbed up the tree to avoid talking to anyone. As she hopped from tree to tree (she had always been a pretty good climber), she crashed into someone, and stayed in the tree by grabbing onto a branch before she fell.

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tia jumped out and hugged josh from behind. "hi joshy!!" she said happilly

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Brandon looked wiht descust (Sort of).

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Madelyn came back up into the tree, holding her slightly bloody nose from crashing right into the guy in the tree.
"Sorry," she said quietly. "I wasn't looking."

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Brandon faded into the shadows litaraly.

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((hey jyle you online???)) she sat back and grinned. "its me tia!" she hugged him again

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((wait, first of all, how could Brandom fade into the shadows? Only children of Hades can become part of the shadow. Second, he's ignoring poor little Madelyn. :( ))

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((*pats mrs. tom felton* its okay))

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((Sorry, he didn't realy fade, but it looks like it due to hiding from the huntresses his whole life, due to them wanting to kill him. That's why he hid.))

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((ah, makes sense. And thanks, the awesome one. :P))
When Madelyn looked up, the guy she bumped into wasn't there anymore (or so it appeared). She took a corner of her camp shirt and started letting the blood flow into that.

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Brandon saw blood. "Are you ok" he whispered right beside her.

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Madelyn jumped a little when she saw Brandon.
"I'm fine, just a small nosebleed from almost falling and bumping into someone," she said quietly.

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((ur welcome)) she sighed and started to climb the trees. she had been climbing sice she was a little baby.

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Brandon shrugged and disappeared. All of a sudden bark was falling from the tree as he climbed higher to get a better view.

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Madelyn sat there, staring down at the kid who was talking to a skeleton as she wiped up the last of her nosebleed.

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she got down and was watching josh again.

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Madelyn saw the skeleton and knew he must be a child of Hades, since only they (of course) could summon the dead.

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A branch almost hit Tia when Brandon was scrambling up.

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((dats not kewl brandon)) she snapped it in midair and sighed. "i can see you you know. yuou should really come down now."

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brandon jumped up and a large owl grabbed him.

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