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message 1: by Ji Min (new)

Ji Min Kim TO those who want to know something about this book I heard that the cover will have a green dragon on it.

message 2: by Mariah (new) - added it

Mariah I heard the same thing! First I randomly guessed then I read it online in and interview thing with Christopher Paolini .

message 3: by Anna (new) - added it

Anna isnt the dragon going to be purple and the title some word that starts with 'A'? cuz in the brisingr special addition it came with a poster i couldve sworn would be the cover of the next book. i cant remember what the entire thing looked like since its been a couple months and i never bought that edition so i cant really check at the moment but id be shocked if the fourth book had a green dragon on it.

message 4: by Cheng (new)

Cheng En

go to this website they will tell u everything you need to know!!!

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