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((I'll be Peter for you, Marg.))
Name: Rose
Age: 16
District: 12
Looks: Black hair that falls to mid back, a red streak on her bangs. Pretty hazel eyes, round face, tall, athletic
Weapon of choice: daggers, hand to hand combat

"Get up, Rosie posy." Her father cooed teasingly, chuckling as he pulled her sheets off her body, chill air seeping in around her.
"What?" she snapped, pulling her pillow over her head.
"Hmm....early morning grumpy, is it?" He said sarcastically, pulling her pillow off her bed. Rose didn't budge, instead seeking the comfort of her bed forever.
"Did you forget what today was? We all have to go, Rosie. Up and at 'ems." Her father said a bit more sternly, rubbing his calloused hand over her hair, he turned and left.
"Ten minutes. Downstairs." He said and shut the door behind him. Rose waited until he left to let the fear convulsions swarm inside her stomach like killer bees. This year, now that she was sixteen, her name had been thrown into the cup at it's most it's ever been.
Hesitantly, Rose rolled out of bed and shuffled over to her tiny closet, knowing what she was to wear. The same Reaping dress her mother had worn when she was 16, and chosen for the Games. She slipped on the plain, gray silver dress that went to her knees, brushed out her hair and held two curly black strands behind her ears with bobby pins. Slipping on black, coal dusted shoes, she tromped down the stairs and saw the sight of her dad, and three older brothers around their tiny kitchen table, a small breakfast split between the two. Albert, the eldest, 19, of her brothers who was usually the obnoxious one was eerily silent. Rose ate her food in silence as she watched the men of her house stare down at nothing, frowning at their bit of eggs.
"Time to go." Her father said abruptly, standing and taking all their plates, including Rose's. She began to protest that she wasn't done, but waved it off as she stood and smoothed down her dress.
5 minutes later, her and her family were down at the crowd of District 12, seeing Sunny Florine, bright and chirpy as ever, as she impatiently bounced on the heels of her yellow stilettos.
She wouldn't be hyper like that if she was still eligible to be chosen for the games. She thought to herself. The town bell rang, striking that it was 12 pm, and time for names to be drawn.
"Helllloooo District 12!" Sunny beamed, everyone stared up at her with blank faces. "As you know, this year we'll be holding 8 tributes from each District! Lucky, lucky, you!" She smiled, waving her hands in the air. A murmur of groans were suppressed through the crowd.
"Alright, let's get this started. Let's star with the boys...shall we?" Sunny said, eyeing all the boys who most likely had coal smudges on their cheeks. Rose's heart sank with each name that was called, she didn't know any of them, but she knew their families.
It was time for the girls' names, Rose backed into her father and he clamped a hand around hers, and kissed the top.
"It's okay Rosie Posie." He murmured, all her brothers who had thankfully not been chosen, stood by her side like shield. Three names were called, and with each name Rose held her breath until she was sure the syllables hadn't matched hers. "And for the last lucky young lady....we have..." Sunny announced, reaching her hand into the ball for a scrap of paper, biting her lip as if it was a dangerous task. "16 year old, Rose Gail!" Sunny said, putting her hands on her hips.
Oh god, no, no, no, no, no! Her father held onto her, and her brothers wrapped around, guarding her.
"Come on Rose, you have to go...." Sunny said with a shake of her head, nodding her fingers toward a line of Peacekeepers.
"Bye daddy." She whispered, turning around and standing on her tip toes as she kissed his cheek, then broke through her brothers and surprising herself, walked steadily toward Sunny before she was shuffled off onto the train

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Dara sighs as she gets ready for the reaping. This is pointless, I'm not going to be picked. Some 12 year od will be she thinks. Dara walks to the town square, and stands next to her freinds. She watches the boy be called. He looks scared. Then Zoey reaches into the girls names and reads out "Dara Ryberg" Dara waits for a second, to be sure it was her name that was called, then walks onto the stage. Calmly, she listens to the same speech that's been said for years. Dara knows she can't freak out, it'll make her look weak. The rest of the ceoramony passes in a blur, and then she's on the train.

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Luna  (goodreadscombird) | 53 comments name- Flauna
gender - female
other - she is twins with her brother, Justin. Their parents are divorsed so they live in different districts/

name- Justin
district-9 their parents are divorced.

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nice xD
do you want Peter IN the rp chosne?

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Oh sorry...my typing is bad.
Do you want Peter to be chosen for thg? right?

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((Oh duhhhhh. lol.))

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Peter wandered around the rain. His lips pursed into a tight line and his breathing shallow. He couldn't believe it...him chosen. This couldn't be happening. Then Ginny stepped forward, and took his girlfriends place. Oh jeesh. [thats what happened right:]

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Peter turned sadly to Ginny, feeling grief stricken about leaving his girlfriend and family. [we'll have him fall in love with ginny, dont worry :P]
"Hey Gin."

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Peter shrugged, "Horrible." he admitted. "you?"

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Peter nodded in understanding and sighed. "This sucks. But you're right, we should probably get out of the rain...."

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Peter boarded the train behind Ginny, and Rose happened to be walking through the hall where they boarded. She'd been jogging a bit, for no reason, and slammed into Ginny.
"Crap! I'm sorry!"

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Rose nodded curtly. "Yeah." Her mind reeled, trying to make sense of which District she'd seen Ginny come from. "You're both from District 3. You volunteered for some girl. Right?" Rose asked Ginny.
Peter lowered his head at the thought of his girlfriend

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Rose glanced from Peter to Ginny, and back again.

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"Well, wana explore the train with me?" rose asked both of them.
"Sure." Peter said quietly

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Rose cracked a smile. "Yeah. I know."

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"Got it, 3." Rose said with a smirk, and began wandering aimlessly. "Ya know, I don't know my way around this train." she laughed, turning a corner

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Rose nodded, "Yeah."

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Peter jogged up after the two girls. "Coming, coming" He smiled for the first time

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"I guess I'll have to learn that." He smirked, pushing the two of them down a different hallway. "Thiiis way."

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Rose rolled her eyes and sprinted through the halls

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Peter skidded to a stop, barely missing the large cart. The avox girl looked up and glared, then quickly stormed off.
"Nice going, Pete." Rose said sarcastically

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Rose slapped Ginny on the air lightly. "Be nice!"

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Peter hid a smirk, "I haven't seen one either." he admitted with a smile

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"Yes we shall." Rose answered and began running again

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Rose leaped over someone cleaning up a spilt dish on the ground. She laughed with delight and kept running

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((lol IDC))
Peter leaned down and held out his hand for Ginny, smiling lightly.
"Yo okay?"

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Peter pulled her up. "Try not to die before the Games." He smiled, then frowned at his lame joke

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Peter smiled sadly. "Come on then."

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Dara walked out to meet the people who lived in the Capitol.

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Rose and Peter entered. A look of determination embedded in Rose's eyes, and nothing short of terror, even though it seemed to be racking her body in shivers.
Peter did his best to seem calm, sighing. He saw Ginny and gave a weak smile, making his way over.

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((typing a LONG Rp post, haha.))

"Hey." Peter said, picking up couple knifes in his hand, inspecting them.

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Peter shook his head and flung one at a dummy, hitting it wher a heart might be. He frowned and sighed.
"No, but I'll have to kill with them."

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"Uhm." Peter mumbled, unsure and glancing at Ginny. He sighed, knowing he'd have to face it anyways. "Alright."

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Luna  (goodreadscombird) | 53 comments ((i am))

Flauna got on the train. Her golden hair flowed down her back with a circle of flowers around it. She was dressed in black lace up combat books, black skinny jeans, a black jean jacket and a white shirt. Pulling her stuff, she stomped to a compartment. She was waiting for her brother. Their parents were divorced, taking her brother and dad to a poorer district and her and her mum to a richer district. She hadn't seen her brother in such a long time....

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Book  Worm (lostinthemusic) | 186 comments ((hey Name-Prye, District-7, Apperence-bright red hair, forest green eyes, tan skin(from working) Personality-bad tempered, kinda mean, fierce, brave loyal to friends)) SOMEWHERE ELSE IN TRAINIG AREA: Prye was having a sword fight with another contestant and she was winning.

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Luna  (goodreadscombird) | 53 comments Margaret wrote: "((HI!!))

((we are in the training area, if you wanna jump in there.))"

((oh okay))

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Luna  (goodreadscombird) | 53 comments Flauna smiled at her brother as they walked across a training field to the obstacle course, complete with huge bowling balls, ropes swinging over nails and rocky cliffs that went straight up and was completly flat with a boiling pit of oil under it.

"Wow." Justin said, tossing his blondish-brown hair out of his green eyes. "That course could KILL you before the competion!"

Flauna nodded. "You scared?"

Justin shook his head. "Nah.. I just don't want to do this. You see... my girlfriend broke up with me... right before this... because she-she didn't want to-to loose me... She said it was just going to be too hard on her, on me and I could loose concertantion because of-of-her and I-I-I-I CCOULD DIE!!!" he was almost crying now.
Flauna watched him with something like disquit. "Listin.. dude I'm sorry, but what happened to my goth - i -can't-feel-anything -brother? You know what, I am sorry. But this is life or death. One of us will die.... I just want to spend it with you.. if a die.. or you die."

Justin sighed. "Let's not think about that and just train."

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Book  Worm (lostinthemusic) | 186 comments The sounds from the swordfight were getting louder. Pyre didn't notice, she only saw the sword and her oppennet.

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Luna  (goodreadscombird) | 53 comments "Woah. Look at her." Justin said, stopping to stare at Pyre.

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Book  Worm (lostinthemusic) | 186 comments With a flip of the wrist Pyre managed to diarm her oppenent. Pointing both swords at them she said "I win." with a devil-like smile.

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Book  Worm (lostinthemusic) | 186 comments As Pyre left she couldn't help but think that this was to easy.

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Luna  (goodreadscombird) | 53 comments Book wrote: "With a flip of the wrist Pyre managed to diarm her oppenent. Pointing both swords at them she said "I win." with a devil-like smile."

Justin walked up to Pyre, applauding. "Nicee.. for a girl." He grabbed a sword. "I challenge you!" Than he began to fight.

((Brook - don't just disarm Justin while I am not on - i wanna fight!! Let's make it a good fight! :) ))

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Book  Worm (lostinthemusic) | 186 comments ((Bring it on!)) Pyre smiled devil like again and they began to circle each other like two lions.

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Book  Worm (lostinthemusic) | 186 comments Pyre always liked to play with her food before she ate it.

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Luna  (goodreadscombird) | 53 comments Justin jumped forward, cutting the sword right beside Pyre's right ear, chopping off a strand of hair. They just kind of watched the hair drift to the ground and then, they really started to duel.

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Book  Worm (lostinthemusic) | 186 comments Pyre was mad, which is never a good thing. She faked forward and cut off the top half of his hair.

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Luna  (goodreadscombird) | 53 comments Justin gasped. Jumping forward, he slashed his sword through her pants, just piecring the skin. Her pants were soon threaded with blood.

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Book  Worm (lostinthemusic) | 186 comments Pyre growled. She rolled and slashed his back.

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Madeline (madelinemoghimi) ((where are yall are yall in the games yet))

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Luna  (goodreadscombird) | 53 comments Flauna gasped and covered her mouth with her hands as Justin hissed in pain.

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