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(or Hekate)

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Hexa (HexaMorphia) | 4 comments hey hecate and artemis were just the same?
she's the other form of artemis,as the goddess of crossways.........

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No... Hecate is the goddess with 3 faces, Artemis is the goddess of the hunt...

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Hexa (HexaMorphia) | 4 comments Artemis /(Diana): The twin sister of Apollo. Artemis is a virgin huntress who also possesses aspects of the moon goddess Luna/Selene/Phoebe. Her underworld manifestation is Hecate, a goddess of death. The cypress is her tree and deer are sacred to her although she is a patron of the forest and all things contained within.

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Hexa (HexaMorphia) | 4 comments ok.bye...........

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L (audinosbiitch) ((Double Parenthesis?))

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(I just do one parenthesis Annabeth Chase, I am Percy Jackson :)

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L (audinosbiitch) ((OK. No one else seems to be using any parenthesis at all.))

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L (audinosbiitch) ((Yeah))

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Hexa (HexaMorphia) | 4 comments hey!!!!!!!

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L (audinosbiitch) ((DOUBLE(OR SINGLE)PARENTHESIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!))

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(I use single)

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