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snake! Can't somebody love me v.v, | 204 comments Mod

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Personality:She is very sweet and caring, she also enjoys making people laugh. She is rather flirty too.

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snake! Can't somebody love me v.v, | 204 comments Mod
name: stella
gender: female
looks: [image error]
eyes: [image error]
personality: tba
bf: skyler
other: none

name: skyler
gender: male
looks: [image error] (without claws)
personality: tba
gf: stella
other: none

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Zipporah (lolvampirebookworm) | 12 comments Name: Honey
Personality:Sporty, Outgoing, and sweet when it is necisary also loves to laugh, can be a little secretive, also has a big secret that nobody knows
Eyes: Electric green
Relationship Status: Single
other: loves to have the comfort of people around her.loves any thing milk chocolate does noy like dark chocolate

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Jalex (DesteryMooresmysecretlover) name: Haruhi
gender: female
looks: [image error]
personality: quiet, shy, timid at times, depressed, she only relys on herself, trusting issues
crush: open
other: her mom died when she 3 and her dad blamed her for the death and beat her badly and she almost died afew times and then he left her whenshe was 6 and when it was her 9th birthday a cop came to her house and told her that her dad had died on a gun shot fight at the bar

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Jalex (DesteryMooresmysecretlover) thnx, can someone ,make a guy for her?

snake! Can't somebody love me v.v, | 204 comments Mod
superflash will rp this charie so will i:)

name: clyde
gender: male
looks: [image error]
personality: tba
crush: haruhi
other: none

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Jalex (DesteryMooresmysecretlover) thnx!

message 12: by Jalex (new)

Jalex (DesteryMooresmysecretlover) ^-^'

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Jalex (DesteryMooresmysecretlover) kkz

snake! Can't somebody love me v.v, | 204 comments Mod
anime please!

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Jalex (DesteryMooresmysecretlover) i rped Claudia

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Zipporah (lolvampirebookworm) | 12 comments Name: Salim
Gender: male
Personality: Talkative and a jock always has crowds of girls around him. but neither can catch his eye. he lkes one girl
Crush: Honey
Relationship Status: Single
Other loves junk food but works out always after eating something fattening

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