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Christopher J. Only The Brave Dare
Review by Christopher Ganert,18, Ramsgate, NSW, Australia
Only The Brave Dare, by Christopher Holcroft, is a novel about Venturers on a camping trip who cross paths with the Russian Mafia.
The book begins with a Queens Scout presentation and then introduces the main character.
The world of Scouting and Venturing is described as the novel incorporates an emotional touch to the characters' interactions.
The novel switches between different characters in different locations with different roles in a fashion that is simple to understand.
Although there is the occasional violence, the author's description is acceptable for teenage readers.
Only The Brave Dare portrays the Scouts as an organised, independent unit with some of their feats and routines seeming almost unbelievable.
However, their feats and routines are plausible with the Venturers' training and experience.
With the novel being set for a younger age, and using younger characters as the main role players, Only The Brave Dare is a gripping read for any teenager.
Although the novel has several corny pages at the start, overall, it is a suspenseful and entertaining read.
The novel is definitely a decent, educational experience for any teenager.
Only The Brave Dare is available through Poseidon Books at

Christopher J. Only The Brave Dare

(Age 12+) Described by the author as a modern Biggles, Only the brave dare is the story of a group of Venturers who uncover a drug deal by the Russian Mafia while exploring a wrecked submarine. Taken captive by the gang, it is up to Scott, an unassuming Venturer, to find a way to save his mates.

The action switches from the Venturers to the Russian Mafia in alternate chapters or sections, helping to identify the characters and what is happening. A more sophisticated reader may find the italics for different speakers distracting and the conversation rather heavy handed.

A fast paced adventure story, this will appeal to boys who are in the Scouting movement and the descriptions of the advantages of being a Venturer would perhaps encourage young boys to join the group.

Pat Pledger

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