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Awesome book!

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message 1: by Andy (new)

Andy (awolf) | 7 comments I picked it up today. Will start reading it soon :)

message 2: by Andy (new)

Andy (awolf) | 7 comments Asparagus is more amazing than I thought. I didn't know that the Ceasers had asparagus chariotted (does this count as a word? :D) into the mountains and frozen! An excellent book and I am only on page 30!

message 3: by Aaron (new)

Aaron Miller | 4 comments The Book really opens your eyes to what we as american youth really dont know about farming. The book shows how hard it can be to farm but if you do it rite it can be worth it. Getting it right is an Art as Mrs. Kingsolver Said when She Met Amy a farmer She was acunted with When Her family Whent on Vacation.

The Biggest message is that the reson certan things may cost alot is because it has traveld a grater distance than most people have. We actully have really chep food prices in comparsen to places such as France. They trade up having low food prices for fresh and sustanable food. This book so far is an amzing book that stays intresting through out, I am on Page 214 and it's still good.

message 4: by Hanna (new)

Hanna | 5 comments Hello; I just finished Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, and felt really inspired to give even more effort to eating locally in order to combat the monocropping, fuel-inefficient commercial agriculture that has gained too much power over the way people eat and environmental health in the U.S. I also wanted, throughout the book, to farm. Did anyone else feel like that? The author romanticized farming--growing fruits and vegetables (and animals), beautifully, I thought. I went to volunteer at Mother Earth Farm near Sumner, which feeds hundreds of thousands of people (organic produce) through the Emergency Food Network. I will be going again; I thought perhaps some of you would like to come?

message 5: by Aaron (new)

Aaron Miller | 4 comments Now that I am Finshed with the book Is see the importance of farming, a little more than I did befour.Kingsglover has piked my intrest. And in Most cases that Is a hard thing to do. The book Is highly descrpitive. At any one point you can tell the amotions and the struugles that the narator is dealing with. Living this way is not in any case a bad idea I think that It would maby boost our economy and would creat a more stable way of living for the amrican population. So over All i liked the book, it was smart and had lots of discriptive images and enuendos.

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