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message 1: by Jennefer (new)

Jennefer this book looks alot like "the unwritten rule" by elizabeth scott

Michelle Similar theme but they're handled very differently. :)

Stormy I bought both books and I read Something Like Fate first and then when I started reading The Unwritten Rule I decided to put it off because it was so similar. I might read it later once the theme isn't so familiar.

kw_pagemaster The cover to this book is so missleading, it's not even funny. I liked the Unwritten rule way better.

message 5: by Emily (last edited Jan 04, 2012 05:35PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Emily Glass Whats the "unwritten rull" I dont think i know that book.

kw_pagemaster The unwritten Rule is basically the same as Something Like Fate. It just has a differet ending.

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