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Make a character here. THIS IS A FANCY BOARDING SCHOOL BY THE WAY!!!!!


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Miss (godblesseveryone) | 70 comments Name- Alexis Gooding
Age- 16
Gender- Female
Grade- 10
Personality- Loves to help, read books, do many arts (like arts and crafts dancing singing.. etc., not that talkative, and very intelligent.
Crush- Open
Family/Background- Has mother and father. One older sister and then older brother.
Other- She is in the high middle class and family owns an asian resturant (I'll put the name later)and a fast food place (I'll put the name later).
She lives in a three story house on 108 Alkin street.

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Name- Charley Marks
Age- 16
Gender- Male
Grade- 10
Personality- You'll see

Crush- open
Family/Background- Rich family, only child
Other- none

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Courtney Name- Becky Smith
Age- 16
Gender- F
Grade- 10th
Personality- shy, sweet, smart, quite
Crush- open
Family/Background- has an older brother and a dad, no mom (she died)
Other- she's new at school

Can she meet Charley and end up falling for him?

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Samantha (samanthan) Name:Lolita Graham
Personality:Outgoing, giggly, flirty, defensive
Crush: Charley Marks
Family/Background:Comes from a family of five kids, single mother
Other:She's a scholarship student but doesn't like to admit it, she skipped a grade because she's so smart

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Samantha (samanthan) ((oops, I fixed the last name thing!))

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☺☆Mango♥ (Xx_InuYasha_Kagome_xX) | 624 comments Mod
Name- Asa
Age- 17
Gender- Female
Grade- 10th
Personality- Joking, smiles alot, really strong, REALLY good cook
Looks- Green hair, check Asa on 'Shuffle' anime
Crush- noone so far
Family/Background- Lost her mother when she was 5, lives on her own, has a job at 'Angel Snacks' as a waitor/cook
Other- Loves cute things. "Kawaii!!!!!"

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Kusundree | 213 comments Name- Jack
Age- 17
Gender- M
Grade- 11
Personality- Mysterious, keep-to-self
Looks- Emo Anime Boy Pictures, Images and Photos
Crush- Open
Family/Background- Abusive father until he was 10, moving on to a new dad that was a lot better. Mother was with him his whole life.
Other- Likes girls...

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