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Well, strangly the girl I was roleplaying with deleted all of her comments on her :'( Oh well. I'm starting it over.

Roleplay here as soon as you make a charrie.

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Catie ((I made a patient how can I pop in?))

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Zoey sat at the receptionist desk, talking to her brother Jake, who wasn't busy at the moment.

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Catie ((Well I will just pop in.))
An ambulance roared into the hostpital. McKenzie was inside. She kept coughing up blood. She had woken up after passing out during a gymnastics copitition.

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"You're needed in the ER, Dr. Johnson," Zoey said professionally after she answered the call from the emergency medical team. Jake rushed to the ER and to the girl who just came in.
To keep her awake and calm, he started talking to her. "Hi, I'm Dr. Jakob Johnson. What's your name?" he asked kindly as they rushed her to a room.

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Catie "McKenzie Shrake." she said weakly.

((I know I have been spending way to much time with my aunt in the Hospital when I know what she needs in this situation. She needs 2 millagrams or Thorize to thin the blood so it doesn't choke her. Also she needs a chest tube to relive the pressure in her chest. If blood comes out of the chest tube it means there is something broken that is pericing the lung or heart. You make a 7 centimeter incision inbetween the ribs to see the problem with can them be solved. If no blood comes out of the chest tube it means her kidnies are failing and she needs a transplant.))

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((holy crap did your aunt have to go through all that?!))

"It's good to meet you McKenzie," Jake said and smiled. "Can you do me a favor and tell me what's the date?" He looked up at the ER nurses. "I need two millagrams of Thorize quickly, please." He looked back at McKenzie.

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Catie ((Yep. On me. I collapsed in a Horseback riding comp. I had broken my ribs 3 days before and a piece has sharded of and cut one of my lungs.))
"Its March 7, Sunday, 2010" MaKenzie said "What's happening"

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((omg i'm sooooooo srry!!!!!))

"You just had a small acident, but you'll be okay," Jake said and gave her the Thorize. "Can you tell me where you live?"

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Catie ((Its fine! That was a year ago))
"I lived at 6678 Petigrivee Avenue" McKenzie said

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((i'm still so srry tht's incredibly painful! i so kno how u felt!))

"Okay," Jake said. "What were you doing before you came here?"

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Catie "Gymnastics State Finals." McKenzie said with anouther cough and more blood she gestured loosly towards her leotard that she was still in.

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"I need a chest tube, please," Jake said impatiently. "Well, McKenzie, we're going to do everything we can to help you." He smiled assuringly to her.

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Catie McKenzie nodded. She forced herself not to pass out again.

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Jake inserted the chest tube.

((what do u want to happen?))

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Catie ((IDK Transplat would take longer. Although there could be complicaions with a surgery or she could get new lungs or a new valve in her heart or something?))
McKenzie passed out.

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((um how bout surgery?))

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Catie ((K. I don't care.))

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When blood started coming out, he sent her to the OR.

Meanwhile, Zoey was in the lobby trying to calm down the girl's parents.

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Catie ((Let's be the parents))
"What's happening?" The mom said clutching her husbands hand as if it was a lifeboat and they were on the Titanic.

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Jake started the emergancy surgery.

"They're just starting the surgery, ma'am," Zoey said calmly. "They'll go in and close up whatever is punctured and bleeding. Please calm down. We're doing everything we can to help her. She'll be okay." She didn't want to make that promise; she had no idea if it was true or not.

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Catie "Thank you." the man said to Zoey he steered the mother over to a chair. "Sit and breathe." He walked back over to Zoey. "Kenzie is a foster child. Should we call her caseworker?"

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Zoey nodded. "I think it would be best. If you give me her number, I'll make the call." She picked up the phone and put it to her ear, ready to dial the number.

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Catie He gave her the number.

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"What's the name?" Zoey asked as the phone rang.

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Catie "Michelle Wang." he said
((I should probly go make profiles for them.))

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((u don't have to if their just going to be here for a little bit))

Zoey nodded. When she answered, Zoey said, "Hello, Michelle Wang, this is Zoey Johnson with San Diego hospital. I have a patient here under the name McKenzie Shrake, and her parents told me you're her caseworker. I just called to inform you that she is in the OR for a gymnastics accident."

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Catie ((OK! I didn't!))
"Well crap." was Michelle's response "Alright. I will be there ASAP."

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((ok :)))

"Thank you, Ms. Wang," Zoey said with a slight smile at her response. There was another call on the line, so Zoey said, "Bye," and answered the other call.

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Catie Thirty minutes later a women with red frizzy hair walked up the the reseption desk. "Hey. I am Michelle Wang."

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"Michelle," Zoey said and smiled. "I just got news that McKenzie is doing well in the surgery, and it should be over in a couple of hours. Her parents are right over there." She gestured to them. "Feel free to tell me if you need anything."

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Catie "Thank you." she said and smiled. She walked over the the parents and they chattered in soft murrmers.

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((how long does a surgery like that usually take?))

message 34: by Catie (new)

Catie ((Anywhere from 3-9 hours))

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((aw crap... do u want to ff?))

message 36: by Catie (new)

Catie ((I was about to suggest that))

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((kk. so say.... 7 hrs later))

Zoey came up to the parents. "I have good news," she said with a smile. "McKenzie just got out of the surgery, and it was successful. They fixed the punctured lung and she's in recovery now."

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Catie There was a communal sigh of relif. "When can we see her?" the mother asked

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"Now," Jake said, coming around the corner. "She's still under sedation, but she should be up soon. I'll show you to her room." He smiled at them.

Zoey rolled her eyes. "This is Dr. Jakob Johnson. He performed McKenzie's surgery."

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Catie ((Sorry I am doing 8 things at once.))
They introduced themselves.

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((it's fine))

Jake smiled and nodded. He led them to McKenzie's room.

Zoey went back to her desk.

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Catie ((Zoey doesn't get to do much.))
They walked in.

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((she need a bf!!))

Jake led them to the room. "Tell me if you need anything," he said and walked out.

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Catie ((Should I make her a BFFL?))

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((no she just wants a boyfriend!))

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Catie ((Oh well I make really sucky boys. McKenzie is going to wake up now before my mind exlodes))
McKenzie's eyes fluttered. She opened them groggily.

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((lol ok :)))

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Catie ((Should they get Jakob?))

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Catie THe father sliped out and spotted Jakob in the hall. "She's awake."

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