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Youndyc | 1255 comments In the news yesterday:

Association for Research on Mothering to Close in May
The Association for Research on Mothering will close on May 1 because of financial problems. An e-mail message from the association's founder, Andrea O'Reilly -- an associate professor women's studies at York University, in Canada -- said the 12-year-old association and its journal had been running a deficit for several years and the financial problems became particularly acute last year. In the message, Ms. O'Reilly said she had asked York to help cover some of the association's expenses, but it had refused. She asked people who supported the association to urge officials at York to keep it alive.

The association is known for promoting research on mothering, including how to be a mother and negotiate an academic career. The association will hold a meeting next month in Montreal on "Being and Thinking as an Academic Mother," but the Journal of the Association for Research on Mothering will immediately cease publication, and subscriptions for 2010 will be refunded.

message 2: by RandomAnthony (new)

RandomAnthony | 14536 comments Hm. Was this a private association? Oh, no, it was associated with York university. Hm...wonder what was behind this. Could have been a dysfunctional unit...hard to tell.

Sally, you could open your own research:)

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