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How can you read this book and not be moved?

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Patricia Hagaman The Children's Story
This was the movie I watched in the classroom when I was younger made an impact on me. Everyone in my family had an opinion about it. We had some heated discussions about it. What do you think today in 2010?

Molly chaucer I had no idea that it was made into a movie. Simplicity, yet an impact. It jolted me.

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The Wind It works both ways...

You have two indoctrinations. An old doctrination and a new one. Both are wrong, both are bad, but the first is implied to be the right one and the later is implied to be the wrong one.

It was written with the fear of socialist totalitarian states and is designed to be a warning.

It is also extremely truthful.

So, it shows that regimenting indoctrination of one kind is no differencce than regimenting indoctrination of another.

They are both propaganda, just one being an old propaganda and the other being a new propaganda. Both have an axe to grind, the old one has been indoctrinating in that country forever, the new one (just as wrong) wishes to oust the other indoctrinator.

Those who believe one of the two wrong sides is going to side with that form of indoctrination and say it is what the book is about.

The hope is that both sides look, see their part in the indoctrination of lies that are believed because they have been indoctrinated, and hopefully (possibly) change (if they ever could).

It also is a rather hopeless book in that the old is fearful, tired and worn out and the young are idealistic and totally creepy.

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The wrote: "It works both ways...

You have two indoctrinations. An old doctrination and a new one. Both are wrong, both are bad, but the first is implied to be the right one and the later is implied to be the..."

There is, of course, a stark difference. Right? The "new one" takes people away. Where? What happens to them? The "new one" encourages, actively encourages, children not to trust their family members but to trust the "new" leadership.

That is a very big difference. Not all indoctrination is the same. I agree; indoctrination happens. It rather stifles, or can stifle, independent thought. Some indoctrination, though, comes with a price. Your very life. We've learned that lesson throughout history, haven't we?

Further, while I don't like it and feel we need to be very mindful, indoctrination is going to happen. When we raise and educate children, it happens ... as a general course. I don't know how we, as humans, could ever move beyond that. Except to be ever mindful and encourage independent thought and value difference. I see a difference between this, something that occurs naturally, and the indoctrination that we see in this book. Indoctrination used mindfully, as a tactic. Strategy. Manipulating, intentionally manipulating, children in order to gain power.

That can't be ignored, nor can the ugliness of some indoctrination programs be glossed over. This has been used as a strategy throughout history ... costing many their freedom and their lives.

Yes, I imagine this book dealt with the fears of the time. Propaganda and the fears of communism. I do, however, feel it offers an interesting lesson. Indoctrination happens, whether intentional or not. We, especially those of us who work with children or have children, need to be conscious of the power of our words and actions and mindful of how easily we might lead others.

Having said that, it's not just children. Is it? I think of the bread and circuses of the past and the current focus on mind-numbing ridiculousness and realize how easily many of us, many adults, are led. We believe what we're told, right? One of the reasons a free press has been thought to be so important. The question.... Do we have a free press? How are we, this very day, being led? And, ... by whom and for what purposes? We have such technology yet so much of our focus is placed upon nothing. Reality TV and video games. It makes one wonder. Accidental numbing or intentional?

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