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what should we read for June-August?

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We have titles for April and May, but after that I'd like to get some input on other book you all would like to read. Feel free to pitch some suggestions here - we can argue about it here until there's some sort of consensus.

message 2: by Kate (new)

Kate | 8 comments Here's a link to the ongoing Tournament of Books, which has a great list of recent books. I've read a lot of them, but not all.

Also, they had a long list at the second link which were good, but not picked for the tournament:

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I saw the bracket yesterday, but I hadn't looked at the long list - I don't recognize everything on it, which means I'll have some additions to my reading list.

message 4: by Kate (new)

Kate | 8 comments On the long list I read Await Your Reply, which was both awesome and disturbing. I love Kate Christensen, but I haven't read Trouble yet.

I am very interested in The Informers, but I haven't read it yet. It got wonderful reviews.

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I loved Await Your Reply - it was super intense, in the best kind of way. It's actually my pick for this year's Capital Area Read - we'll see if the rest of the committee agrees with me.

Another book I'd love to read with the group is China Mieville's The City and the City. Has anyone read it, or heard good things? I thought it was fantastic.

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Oh, and I remember several people expressed an interest in reading Wolf Hall. I loved it, but as I mentioned, it's pretty long. How does everyone feel about that as a future selection? It's 592 pages, and the paperback doesn't come out until the end of August (so we'd probably want to save it for at least October, unless everyone is comfortable buying hardcovers/using the library).

message 7: by Corey (new)

Corey Kellicut | 1 comments Await Your Reply, The City & the City, and Wolf Hall are all books I would like to read.

Of recent publications, one that I most want to read is The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot.

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I hadn't even considered non-fiction, but I've heard that book is wonderful, and I've wanted an excuse to read it. I have to submit the list of our next 3 books right after this next meeting, so on the 1st, let's plan on pitching these and any additional titles we can come up with to the group and making a decision.

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Kate | 8 comments I am also very interested in reading the Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.

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If you all get a chance, maybe give some thought as to whether or not we're okay with selecting books that are still in hardcover. We'll always have plenty of copies available to check out from CADL, but for those who prefer to buy theirs, I don't want to make this too much of a financial burden (unless of course everyone is fine with buying a hardcover every once in a while).

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All right, the vote last night leaves us with:

6/3: The City and the City by China Mieville
7/1: Await Your Reply by Dan Chaon
8/5: Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel (this is a long one, so start early if you're not a very fast reader!)

Henrietta Lacks is still on the list of possibilities; we just have to wait until the September-November cycle because it's so new and so popular right now that there's no way it will be available at the library just yet.

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