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message 1: by Deviki (last edited Mar 10, 2010 07:41PM) (new)

Deviki | 203 comments Hey there ......just wondering if anyone of you guys thinking about swapping books ?
I have like 3 books i want to swap but the bookmooch is rather strict bout the points .....
I have list of book in my self called "bookcross& bookmooch and swap"

Oh and anyone have this book "Chapatti or Chips?: by Nisha Minhas"?

message 2: by Faa (new)

Faa | 22 comments i like to swap books, but i dun hv 'chapatti or chips'. i hv few books to give away, been thinking of swapping it for quite sumtimes, but i just didnt find the rite place to do so..

message 3: by Deviki (last edited Apr 14, 2010 11:21PM) (new)

Deviki | 203 comments sure give me your swap list and i'll go through it and we can swap ....
You can check out my swap list in my bookcross shelf

oh by the way i like to swap via mail/parcel hope that's ok

message 4: by Faa (new)

Faa | 22 comments hi deviki, sorry took me quite a long time to reply. i was away for 2 weeks n i'm back now. well, i'm ok with the swap via mail/parcel. thats more convenience. anyhow, i'll add up my bookcross shelf first, then u can hv a look at it,k

message 5: by Deviki (new)

Deviki | 203 comments wokey no problem just roger me ones you are ready :)

message 6: by Deviki (new)

Deviki | 203 comments Anyone want to swap books here ?

I have a few books that i would like to swap

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