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for the money?

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Harmony Brownfield i saw the interview with the author of this book on Oprah. the story brought me to tears. i haven't read the book yet but i plan to. it was a tragedy what happened to nick and his three friends, and even more that the families of the deceased think nick wrote it for the money. he seemed incredibly sincere on the show; that he wanted the true story written so he agreed to write it, because they would have written it without him, however they wanted and that would have been a disservice to his friends and their families. i applaud him for going on the Oprah show and for writing this book, because im sure it was so hard and emotional to write.

Susan I would never think he wrote this for money (I have read the book). He needed to tell his story so people have the actual events, not the rumors. It is very sad and I will always think about it and the "what if's", none of this was anyone's fault, just a tragic accident, that he lived thru to tell us.

Jennifer I think he absolutely wrote it not only for the money, but to tell a tale that might keep him from facing manslaughter charges. This whole story just high. I am convinced that this book is just that a horror story, not fact.

Brenda How could "they" have written the story without him? Who is "they" anyway?? He's the only one alive who was there(so it's only his version of events)so who else would put out a book about what happened when no one else was there to know???

How could he possibly think that the way he wrote about the final horrific moments of his friends lives would do anything positive for their families is beyond me. Write the words for your own personal healing but don't publish it and cause more pain and heartache for the families of those who died. It definately calls into questions his motives for publishing...

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