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RP here as soon as you make a charrie

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Catie Rachel worked on the ice gently skimming across it. She was practicing her solo.

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Mollie arrived at the rink with her duffel bag. She set her bag on a bench and sat down. She took off her shoes and put her white skates on. As she laced them up, she remembered all the work she put into them, polishing them last night. She took her bag and set it in the corner she always put it in. She took her blade guards off and stepped on the rink to warm up.

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Nate was sitting in his car looking through his duffel bag. "I can believe I forgot it!" He mumbles to himself. Then he grabs a wristband. "Ah ha!" He says triumphitaly.

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Mollie skated around the edge of the rink, getting faster so she could warm her muscles up.

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Nate puts it on and gets out of his car. He's showin up a little early to practice.

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Wolf Dancer wrote: "Mollie arrived at the rink with her duffel bag. She set her bag on a bench and sat down. She took off her shoes and put her white skates on. As she laced them up, she remembered all the work she pu..."

((haha u learned all that from me!))

Rylie was waiting for her private lessons, so she was practicing her short. She plugged her iPod into the speakers and started skating.

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Nate walks into the rink, loving the sudden feel of coldness.

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Rylie did her quad axel, landing it perfectly.

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Nate laced up his skatesand was ready to go skate when he noticed somebody already on the ice.

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((there are like 3 people on the ice, including Rylie))

Rylie did her flying sit spin as the song finished. She skated over and turned on I Gotta Feeling just to practice her long program for show.

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((I ment to say some people))

Nate decided to just watch and wait. He didn't like crowded ice.

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((o ok thts fine :)))

Rylie smiled at a guy sitting outside the rink, but went back to skating, working on her backward crossovers.

((bleh, my left backward crossovers suck. srry i just felt like sharing :)))

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((Haha. Good to know))

Nate smiled back and noticed how all of the people were decet skaters.

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Rylie stopped skating once her coach came in the rink. She sighed as Renee told her to do some laps.

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Nate's coach George arrived and told him to go warm up. Nate got on the ice.

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Renee walked onto the ice without skates and told Rylie to do a couple of axels. Rylie started out with doubles and worked her way up to quads.

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Nate skated a few laps around the rink then went around backwards.

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Rylie landed wrong on her lutz and fell. She slid across the ice and into the wall, waiting for Renee to stop lecturing her before she got up.

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Nate was coming up by where Rylie fell. He stopped and glanced at her coach before offering her his hand.

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"Thanks," Rylie said and took it. "I'm Rylie." She smiled.

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"Nate." He smiled helping her up.

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Mollie had seen the girl fall, but she didn't think anything of it. She started her jumps, starting with doubles and working through triples and then quads. She landed out of balance on a quad and had to put her hand on the ice to keep herself from falling over. She shook her head and started skating again. She was wearing light blue ear warmers, a lavender zip-up sweatshirt, a short purple skirt, and light blue tights.

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Catie Rachel got off the ice.

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Mollie also saw the girl's coach and found herself wishing she had one. She had been getting along by watching other coaches instruct their skaters. She had also been taking group lessons, even though there were hardly any other skaters at her level in group lessons, so it was more like semi-private.

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Rylie smiled at him before skating off to do her flying camel spin for Renee.

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Nate skated off and finished his warm up.

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Renee spoke to Nate and Mollie. "Can you please get off the ice for just a couple of minutes so my skater can practice her long program?" She smiled, though her tone was annoyed.
"Renee," Rylie whined, but Renee just ignored her.

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Nate raised her eyebrow, "Alright."

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Renee smiled and Rylie gave an 'I'm so sorry about her being such a rude jerk look' to Nate.
Renee walked over and got ready to play Clair de Lune.

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Nate smiled and skated off the ice.

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Rylie skated to the center of the rink. "Clair de Lune?" she assumed and Renee nodded.
Rylie crossed her arms over her chest and bent down as if to curtsee(sp?) and put her head down until the music started. She slowly came out her pose, like a butterfly coming out of a caccoon.

((haha that's exactly how i start my routine set to this song))

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((ooo!! Haha))

Nate stayed and watched her skate.

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Slowly, she unfroze and became like a butterfly, as the song got faster and faster her moves mimicked the music. Soon, she was doing a triple-quad axel combo, landing them perfectly. She smiled at all the right times, keeping her face like an actress's and connecting to the "audiance" by looking them in the eyes as she preformed.

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Nate smiled, she was good.


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((kk o and when u get back on, can u reply to the summer roleplay?))

Rylie stopped in her pose with her hands in front of her face.
"You're axel's need to be tighter," Renee said bluntly as Rylie looked up.
"Left or right?" Rylie sighed, breathing hard.
"Left triple," Renee said. Rylie started skating to practice it.

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Mollie had gotten off the ice, but she remained right by the entrance, waiting to get back on. She had watched the girl skate, but she hardly cared. In her mind, she had pointed out all the things she had done wrong, even though most were really tiny things. She glared across the rink, not at anyone specific. She couln't wait to get back on the ice. She had almost memorized the other girl's routine, so she really wished she could try it and show her talent.

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((god scaaaaaarrry dream last night!!! ahh! and about my sk8ing god i sucked big time. and dont u dare try and challenge rylie! or u will be kicked out of this rp! that is said very clearly in the charrie folder! >.<))

Rylie did her axel flawlessly. "Renee," she complained. "Please go . . . get some coffee or something. You're being so annoying."
Renee glared at Rylie, but got off the ice anyway. "You may skate now," she said to the other skaters harshly.

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Nate held up his hands as he skated back on the ice.

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Rylie leaned against the wall to watch and critique the skaters.

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Nate started skating faster and did a few jumps to warm up again. He did a double Axel followed by a salchow.

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"Your salchow needs to be tighter," Rylie muttered to Nate with a smile as he sped by. "But the axel's great."

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Nate smirked as he did a tighter salchow. Then he did a lutz.

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Rylie sighed. "Still needs to be tighter."

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Nate skates up close to her, "Really?"

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"Really," Rylie challenged and smiled up at him. "Do you need a demonstration or something?" she asked jokingly.

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Nate smirked, "Yeah. Let's see it."

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Rylie smirked and skated away to demostrait a flawless lutz.

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"Hmmph." Nate says, "Thats what mine looked like."

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"No it didn't," Rylie said and stopped in front of him, spraying him with ice. "I saw it; you didn't. And, I, being qualified for the Olympics, would know what doesn't look right." She smiled at him.

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