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((roleplay for stranded here!))

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Kasey washed up on shore, amazed that she was still alive.She cursed when she saw that she had ripped her jeans.

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Kasey watched Justin get washed up near her. "Are you okay?!" She called as she ran over to him, fit enough to move.

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(oh sorry, I'm on my phone right Now and it won't let me change it so I'll change it tomorrow)

Justin sat up, "yea, how about you" he looked up at her.

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"Um, fine." She gaped at his hotness

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"I'm Justin" he said

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"I'm Kasey" She said. She looked down at herself and blushed.

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He smiled at her, "I like your name and it's nice to meet you"

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"Nice to meet you too. Do you need any help getting further up the beach?" She said scanning his body for any injuries that he might have lied about.

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He had a cut on his leg that he got when he washed up to shore, " um, yea I guess

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"Oh god" She said as she saw the cut. "Let me help you! You won't be able to put any weight on that, trust me." She stood next to him and allowed him to put his weight on her.

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He hadn't noticed the cut but he could feel the stinging pain, "thanks"

(highschool rp?)

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She wrapped her arm around his waist to help support him and walked with him until they reached a palm treee further up.

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He leaned on her slightly as they walked.

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She helped him sit down at the palm tree "Are you sure nothing is broken?" She said warily.

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"yep" he said

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"My mother was a doctor, let me check. You know, once I broke my arm and didn't know until a week later?" Kasey said as she felt Justin's arms and legs.

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"a week? Wow" he said.

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"Yep, a week. But luckily you only will be a little bruised up." Kasey said smiling.

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He smiled

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((back, but might leave without notice so beware!!!))

"I hope that we weren't the only ones to survive the crash" Kasey said sighing

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He sighed, "yea"

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Kasey layed down and closed her eyes.

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(&highschool rp:])

Justin watched her and smiled

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Kasey dug her fingers into the sand.

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"you ok?" he asked.

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"I am just afraid I will never see my parents again" She said sadly

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He sighed, "I promise, I'll do everything I can to get you back to your parents, ok?"

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Kasey opened her eyes and looked at him, "I'm really glad that you're here" she said

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He looked at her, "Im glad your here to"

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Kasey scooted closer to him.

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Justin smiled

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"So, why were you on that flight?" Kasey asked.

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"To go to my Aunts house....what about you?" he aske

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"I was going to my Aunt's too..."

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"really, that's cool"

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"Kinda" She replied.

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He sighed and layed back.

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"Is your hair naturally black?" She asked curious.

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He nodded, "Yep, how about yours?"

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He nodded, "cool"

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"Hey, are you guys survivors of that flight?" Jasmine jogged up. "I am so glad I'm not the only one!" She said, beaming.

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"Yep, we are survivors of the flight" he said

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☺☆Mango♥ (Xx_InuYasha_Kagome_xX) | 624 comments Mod
"Do you guys know if anyone else survived? I did a trek of the island's perimeter and you guys were the only people I saw." She said, plopping down. "I am EXHAUSTED." She turned her leg over and adjusted her makeshift bandage. Blood spurted on teh sand.

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"Are you okay?" Kasey asked worried.

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Justin looked over at the girl's wound.

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"That looks deep" Kasey's tone didn't lose any of its nervous edge.

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☺☆Mango♥ (Xx_InuYasha_Kagome_xX) | 624 comments Mod
"Oh, I'm fine for now." Jasmine smiled. "Glad to see that it wasn't too bad." She readjusted the bandage and urned her leg back over.

"So what are your names? I'm Jasmine- and I was headed to a funeral."

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"I am Kasey."

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