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message 1: by Hexa, (MYSTIQUE MODS) (new)

Hexa (HexaMorphia) | 169 comments Mod
confess any experience you had.......
i will listen to you guys....

message 2: by Emily (new)

Emily Ummm...Once I kicked my BFF in the nads after he yelled at me. That's the worst thing I've ever done...

message 3: by Hexa, (MYSTIQUE MODS) (last edited Mar 04, 2010 07:02PM) (new)

Hexa (HexaMorphia) | 169 comments Mod
oooh......i'm sure he's in total pain.....

message 4: by Emily (new)

Emily Yeah, it's sorta funny now. But that's what you get when you mess with me! jk jk he called me a slut, what was i gonna do?

message 5: by Hexa, (MYSTIQUE MODS) (new)

Hexa (HexaMorphia) | 169 comments Mod
he deserves it........if i'm in your shoes,maybe his already dead.........lol

message 6: by Emily (new)

Emily Yeah, I sorta deserved it just a little

message 7: by Hexa, (MYSTIQUE MODS) (new)

Hexa (HexaMorphia) | 169 comments Mod

message 8: by Emily (new)

Emily He sorta asked me out, then I sorta laughed at him...

message 9: by Hexa, (MYSTIQUE MODS) (new)

Hexa (HexaMorphia) | 169 comments Mod
well maybe he was a little bit insulted..........

message 10: by Emily (new)

Emily Well I can imagine that, We sorta did some name calling before I kicked him, we're not so good friends these days :'(

message 11: by Hexa, (MYSTIQUE MODS) (new)

Hexa (HexaMorphia) | 169 comments Mod
ohhhhh you have to make it up to him......
cherish your friendship with him dear....

message 12: by Emily (new)

Emily HOW! How do I make it up to him?!?!?!? We've been BFF's since like kindergarten, and I love him like a big brother, but I've never felt anything stronger for him than that! When he started hinting at that I turned a blind eye to it but now what can I do?!?!?!?

message 13: by Hexa, (MYSTIQUE MODS) (new)

Hexa (HexaMorphia) | 169 comments Mod
that is the hardest part........
i already experienced that.......i almost hated him for doin that........ohhh my i think you should talk together..discuss your feelings about him and make him understand ok?

message 14: by Emily (new)

Emily I'll try. We're just not really on speaking terms
GUYS SREW UP EVERYTHING! How could he even do this to me? I had made it very clear to him before WE WE'RE JUST FRIENDS! Now we're hardly even that!

message 15: by Hexa, (MYSTIQUE MODS) (new)

Hexa (HexaMorphia) | 169 comments Mod
guys were always like that you know.........
they usually thinks that friendship could go deeper and deeper until it turns out to be something.you know.and i hate them for that.

message 16: by Emily (new)

Emily Yeah, stupid Lucas. I'm almost happy I kicked him

message 17: by [deleted user] (new)

lol nice one.

Okay, so I know it says "respect everyone's beliefs" and stuff... but I feel obligated to ask if y'all hve a problem with me being a wiccan?

message 18: by Emily (new)

Emily No, I'm fine with it. Is it cool?

PyroLily ~Qui scribit bis legit~ (pyrolily) | 511 comments I HATE people!

message 20: by Emily (new)

Emily ...Do you hate me?

PyroLily ~Qui scribit bis legit~ (pyrolily) | 511 comments NO! NEVER! I like people who are my friends and just about everyone on goodreads but in genril I hate people. Their judging eyes, the why they stare, how stiupid alot of them can be, how rude some of them are, the way alot of they don't care about anyone or any thing.

message 22: by Emily (new)

Emily iKR?!?!?

message 23: by Emily (new)

Emily lol, I don't hate people, once a dude asked me if I hated him, and I was like, I nothing you. He got confused and it made me laugh :D

message 24: by Emily (new)

Emily HAHAHAHA Sorry, it's just that you think your yelled at a lot *Doubles over in laughter and starts crying because of lack of air*

message 25: by Emily (new)

Emily No I'm good, but parents yell, everyone deals with it

message 26: by Emily (new)

Emily That sucks, I'm sorry, really. And I don't respect my elders at all

message 27: by Emily (new)

Emily I'm sorry, that sucks

message 28: by Emily (new)

Emily That's good, I do the same

message 29: by Emily (new)

Emily Well, glad your living

message 30: by Emily (new)

Emily Lol!

message 31: by Emily (new)

Emily Like, the place?

message 32: by Emily (new)

Emily Not really, I haven't even seen any in like 5 years, but disney land is cool!

message 33: by Emily (new)

Emily lol!

message 34: by Emily (new)

Emily No, optimism is good, just that made me laugh!

message 35: by Emily (new)


message 36: by Emily (new)

Emily lol!

message 37: by Emily (new)

Emily lol!

PyroLily ~Qui scribit bis legit~ (pyrolily) | 511 comments It's just how people act to each other...it's VERY, VERY coplicated.

message 39: by Emily (new)

Emily YES!

PyroLily ~Qui scribit bis legit~ (pyrolily) | 511 comments but that's just me. i'm very very complicated

message 41: by Emily (new)

Emily I'm not really

message 43: by Emily (new)

Emily :D

message 44: by Emily (new)

Emily :P

message 45: by Emily (new)

Emily HAHA

message 46: by Emily (new)

Emily lol

message 47: by Emily (new)

Emily haha

message 48: by Emily (new)

Emily Okayyy.............*Steps away from*

message 49: by Emily (new)

Emily Okayyyyyyy

message 50: by Emily (new)

Emily I'm mad at school cause it made me miss a ton of rp

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