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Meg (megkelly) | 47 comments Mod
She stepped onto the path. Leaves blew out of her way, allowing her to pass quietly through the trees. She sighed. Everything was over. She walked forward, into the fading light that passed though the limbs of every trees. Finally, she stopped. She tapped her foot impatiently.
"Where are you," she yelled at no one in particular. After sometime of waiting, and impatiently tapping her foot, Madeline jumped at a sudden noise. Was it Jack? Finally back after all those years that he had left her alone? It was. He stepped out of the haze allowing Madeline only enough time to compose herself.
"I am back, and boy have I got news for you," she ran to Jack and he scooped her up in his arms. Bringing her head close to mouth he added, "Something has gone terrible wrong with our plan."

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Meg (megkelly) | 47 comments Mod
This is the beginning of our book. Each time you want to write the next chapter, be sure to put it in the "Our Book" Folder. Make sure that you read that previous chapters so you know what to write next. If anyone has suggestions to what someone wrote, or just a comment, make sure to write it underneath as a comment.

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