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Kyle (deadbolt18) | 57 comments Mod
Rule number one: Dont trust anyone, Some early forms of the infection aren't easily noticable and could be concealed. If you feel you need someone to trust search them for any bite marks and allow them to do the same to you. If you find a bite mark end their life quickly before they start pleading and make you feel guilty. The only way to kill a zombie is to destroy their brain. They do not need to be shot to be killed.

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Lets RP.

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yea it's not ded

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Uhh we are basically fighting off the hordes

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) Great game lol. Um, shouldn't tehre be a character page?

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) Yeah, just gonna make it when I have a second.

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at first i was having doubts about joining this group and i thought you were all crazy.

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) Um...thanks?

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:P can someone rp with me?

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) Sure

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okay, i know i have not beeen on for a long time but, HI!!!

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Always carry a gun, axe, sword, flame-thrower, holy water(for vamps but it might work) and tissues.
Never under-estimate the power of tissues!
Also never fall in love (You saw what happened in Zombieland) which leads to no marriage. Find other survival pal and kill off Zombies together! You will get lonely. Note: If survival pal turns into a zombie do not hesitate to put a bullet through head.
This plan should work! Oh, and remember to keep a packet of Twinkies spare in case your survial pal craves them non-stop.

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pommy is awsome | 62 comments DOUBLE TAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER FORGET TO DOUBLE TAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in other words, kill them twice, just to make sure.

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How could I forget?!

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pommy is awsome | 62 comments I...I don't know O.O

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pommy is awsome | 62 comments EXACTLY!!!! exept dave was just annoying and it was his own fault he got pulled out of that window.

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alrightie then.....

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pommy is awsome | 62 comments lol the words of someone who doesn't quite know what to make of me :D

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you're cool. i just didnt know what to say:)

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pommy is awsome | 62 comments ahhh i seee :D

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