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Character of the Week > Ethan Wates and Lena Duchannes: For those without Vampires

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Meg (megkelly) | 47 comments Mod
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I thought that for the character of the week we could steer away from anything vampire related, so I decide on these two. Ethan Wates is almost a normal teenage. He's into sports, he dates the popular girls and he lives a pretty normal life. Yah, he lives with his dad, who doesn't leave his room and only wears pajamas, has 3 crazy aunts, and a woman named Amma who raised him.
On the other hand, Lena is a small town girl from the south who comes to Gatlin to live with her simi strange uncle Macon Ravenwood, who no one in town seems to know. He never leaves home, nor is seen by the neighbors. Lena drives his hurst, followed by Macon's crazy dog/wolf. She writes numbers on her hand that change day from day. Ethan leaves everything behind and goes with Lena.
But before they even met they were connected. They both dream very realistic dreams where Ethan saves Lena. When they wake up they are either burning hot or covered in water, depending on what the dream was about. Now that they have met this connection becomes even stronger, allowing the two to talk telepathically.
What's your opinion on Ethan and Lena? How do you think the story should have went. How do you feel about Ridley? Is she actually good? Write what you think about this and more!

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Melanie (noreally) | 28 comments Mod
Haven't read it. Want to read it.

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