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More Simple Stuff (Young Adults)

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message 1: by Kimmy D. (new)

Kimmy D. | 10 comments Mod
Yes, Yes, thanks for entering. Here you can speak of anything whatsoever, and of course you chose to click on this link because it read "Young Adults" right? Well ONLY read/comment if you really ARE a young adult. Thank you. :)

message 2: by Taylor (new)

Taylor R. | 1 comments Huh...first one here, huh?
This feels oddly weird...but whatever.

Anyways, besides the question isn't really that hard I suppose. Why do I always seem to see things that aren't always apparent or even noticable by others...and when I speak up about it it's like the thing was never there something wrong with my vision or what...I'm confused, honestly.

message 3: by Kimmy D. (new)

Kimmy D. | 10 comments Mod
Hmm.. Sometimes people notice things that others don't... or maybe it could be that the others are being awful mean and pretening like they don't know what's happening to make you confused. Don't worry, nothing is wrong. Actually, in my eyes, it seems like a good thing that you notice those things.

message 4: by The (new)

The Dude | 2 comments i seem to have trouble being in a relationship i want to know why.

message 5: by Kimmy D. (new)

Kimmy D. | 10 comments Mod
Well tell me about it...What your situation is and any ideas... Then we can evaluate the situation and I can help you out. :)

message 6: by Laura (new)

Laura | 2 comments I have Problems with Most people, they seem to just ignore me, 3: Leave me in the dark. I've found that the computer is my Sanctuary, but now that Kane and his friends are here, i dont feel safe anywhere. 3:

message 7: by Kimmy D. (new)

Kimmy D. | 10 comments Mod
Aw, poor Ice. :O 'Tis fine. you feel that way BECAUSE of the computer. The radiation from the screen on a computer causes an addiction... I'm already starting my addiction to compter. o.o; But you are actually fine. It's only because addiction causes depression and makes you feel alone... But once you seek the problem and understand it, it leaves.

message 8: by Laura (new)

Laura | 2 comments ...Radiation Addiction? Sounds... Painful.... Very very Painful...

message 9: by Kimmy D. (new)

Kimmy D. | 10 comments Mod
Not really... Unless you mean by the time you've been sitting staring at a computer screen for 5 hours straight your eyes sting and legs are frozen solid... then yes, It's painful.

message 10: by The (last edited Mar 04, 2010 10:54PM) (new)

The Dude | 2 comments well im homeschooled so i dont have very many friends im short a little overwaight some people seem to think im anoying im a funny guy i just dont get it? :(
ps ice u didnt seem to have a problem getting along with ruga ;)

message 11: by Kimmy D. (new)

Kimmy D. | 10 comments Mod
Well, some girls (The mean, selfish ones) sometimes think soley about their own reputation... I would know... I was always an outcast for some reason. My friend wouldn't talk to me if in public because I wasn't in the "In" croud as she was... So maybe, just maybe, It's because she thinks if she's seen around you, she will be cast out from the group. If she really likes you and you really like her, tell her how you feel and talk it over. If by some chance, she doesn't like you, then give up on it so you don't face an even greater heart-break later on. My advice in any dating/relationship situation is to not let anyone get too close to you, because if they aren't really THE One, then it'll end in tears.

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