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the author is a jackass

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message 1: by Amberdookie (new)

Amberdookie I didn't rate this, because I didn't read the book. I'm not going to. I read bits and pieces and it made me despise the author so much as a person, I never want to pick it up again.

1) He brings up how Thai's are shocked that rich white people come bouncing over to learn their fighting skills, due to how it has a been a horrible mode of survival in their own lives. I think the fact that he didn't elaborate on this makes him a jackass.

2) He refuses to take a stance one way or the other about dog fighting. Irresponsible, cowardly jackass.
He might as well say he is FOR it. But he won't.

Ugh. Hate this guy.

Rebecca He's actually a cool guy. Maybe he doesn't want to take a stand because it's a controversial topic. If I don't vote for the president, and one of the wins, that doesn't mean I'm for that president.

Sheridan is not talking about ALL Thai's. Thai Boxing is a culture. I love your assumptions, they're just wonderful.

message 3: by Joey (last edited Aug 08, 2011 08:32AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Joey Amberdookie, if you just read "bits and pieces" of this book then maybe you should give it another whirl.

Besides the training, traveling and fighting events, Sheridan describes countless times how humble and respectful most fighters are to the sport and co-fighters as well.

I am against dog fighting to the end, but if you read this book, Sheridan has many friends and acquaintances from all over the world including Brazil, where he mentions that cock fighting in that country is a common past time and not frowned upon. So from that perspective I think as a journalist he kept his opinion in his pocket and described the world around him.

GREAT book if you have any interest in MMA, BJJ or Muay Thai. Sheridan brings out the history of each fighting style and takes you with him as he trains with some of the worlds greatest fighters.

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