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message 1: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 13815 comments Today is National Grammar Day! Who knew? As I said on Facebook, I'm celebrating March 4th, the only day that is an imperative.
In any case, here's some bad grammar for your enjoyment:

message 2: by Phil (new)

Phil | 11729 comments My wife had us watching "The Bachelor" in its latest incarnation because she liked the guy. The girl he ended up with was driving me apeshit, because she kept saying,

"His and I's date was amazing," or

"Him and I should be together."

He chose her because she was the youngest and the easiest. The one he should have chosen is going to be the focus of the next "The Bachelorette."

message 3: by janine (new)

janine | 7715 comments looking skin? that's not gorgeous, just scary!

message 4: by Sally, la reina (new)

Sally (mrsnolte) | 17365 comments Mod
I think the second one is correct, wait. No, the I is correct but it should me He and I should be together, right?

At least she doesn't say me instead of I. that makes my skin crawl. As in "Josh and me went . . ." it's like someone tried to coach the poor girl but sh etook it too far.

message 5: by Gus (new)

Gus Sanchez (gussanchez) In my world, every day is National Grammar Day.

message 6: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 13815 comments Gus wrote: "In my world, every day is National Grammar Day."

I like your world, Gus.

message 7: by Gus (new)

Gus Sanchez (gussanchez) I love my grammar...sweetest little old lady I ever knew.

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