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message 1: by Norah (new)

Norah (nconnolly) | 1 comments Mod
Hello everyone! Welcome to the land of historical fiction!

message 2: by Megan (new)

Megan (meganmack88) Hola! I'm a history major and about to start my senior year. This is the first group on Goodreads I've ever participated in. I <3 YA Historical Fiction and am eager to discuss w/ everyone :)

message 3: by Margo (new)

Margo Tanenbaum | 2 comments Hi, Megan, I'm a library science student with San Jose State and write a blog about historical fiction for teens and kids, The Fourth Musketeer (http://fourthmusketeer.blogspot.com). I usually cross-post on goodreads but my blog posts are more comprehensive, with links to other resources etc. You might want to check it out!

message 4: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie (booksareagirlsbestfriend) | 1 comments Hi everyone! I'm 13 and ya historical fiction is my favourite genre and 90% of the books are that.
I write a blog featuring mainly YA historicals called Books Are A Girl's Best Friend. (www.bestfriends-books.blogspot.com) If you are looking for some reccomendations you might want to take a look!
I follow Margo's blog and really enjoy her posts too.

I'm looking forward to how this group develops :D

message 5: by Stefanie (new)

Stefanie (comeonskinnylove) | 2 comments Hello! I'm Stefanie, I'm 17, and YA historical fiction is one of my favorite genres.

message 6: by April (new)

April | 4 comments Hi all. I'm April, and I am a librarian. I Love Historical fiction and in the last few years have come to love YA. Hoping to gain some good recommendations from this group : )

message 7: by Alex (new)

Alex  Baugh (alexbaugh) I realized I never introduced myself when I joined this group. I am a researcher/teacher. I love historical fiction from all periods, but my guilty pleasure is medieval mysteries. I write a blog which focuses on books for children and teenagers set in World War II called The Children's War (http://thechildrenswar.blogspot.com) It includes books written during and after the war, fiction and sometimes non fiction.

message 8: by Juli (new)

Juli (jewelianna) | 2 comments Hi all,

I'm a grade 8 teacher who loves historical fiction, and am in the process of building a classroom library with books from the medieval era that I teach. I've had such fun spending grant money buying books this spring and am now starting to read them over the summer. I just found this group and am looking forward to its recommendations.


message 9: by Kelly (last edited Sep 16, 2011 01:41AM) (new)

Kelly Gardiner (kellygardiner) | 1 comments Hi everyone in the YA historical fiction group. I'm an author of historical fiction for young readers and also YA. I live in Australia, but I've so far mostly written about European history.
Thanks for introducing yourselves - I'm now going to spend some time checking out all your blogs.
What I like reading is well-researched historical fiction that sheds light on periods of history that either I don't know well, or on which I can appreciate new angles or ideas. I love books that I can tell are based on meticulous reasearch but wear it lightly. So I hope that's what I write, too.
I get less excited about books that hit you over the head with history lessons, or distort history without us realising (I don't mind if it's made obvious, for stylistic or imaginative reasons - a great example is Scott Westerfold's wonderful Leviathan series).
But aren't we lucky? There are so many wonderful books to choose from, and more to read and discuss every day.
Happy reading!

message 10: by Jennie (new)

Jennie Walters | 1 comments House of Secrets: Swallowcliffe Hall: Book One
Hi there!
I'm so excited to have found this site! I'm a writer of YA historical fiction, and have just read a lovely review on Goodreads from Stephanie of the first in my 'Swallowcliffe Hall' trilogy. These are three books about three generations of girls who live, work and fall in love in an English country house - 'Downton Abbey' from the servants' point of view. I have recently launched the stories as ebooks with new covers and new titles, and the first new cover is my profile picture. I like it better than the old sepia one! What do you think?

I've also relaunched my website to feature these new covers, and it has loads of historical information about the three different time frames of my novels - 1890, 1914 and 1939 - with original unpublished photographs (including my granny and my great-uncle who was killed in the Great War in 1916, and my mother in the 1940s on the cover of Book 3), extracts from servants' letters, and lots more.

I think my favourite YA historical novel is 'A Gathering Light' by Jennifer Donnelly. I also love Rosemary Sutcliffe, Anne of Green Gables, Goodnight Mister Tom ... the list is endless, really. Currently I'm reading 'Gillespie and I' by Jane Harris. Her first book, 'The Observations' is another of my alltime favourites - highly recommended.

Best wishes to everyone, and looking forward to being part of this group!
Jennie Walters

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