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message 1: by Héctor (last edited May 17, 2008 02:53AM) (new)

message 2: by Goldie (new)

Goldie Marie | 19 comments I love his preludes

message 3: by Florita (last edited May 24, 2008 04:09PM) (new)

Florita (ms_rita) | 220 comments Mod
Oh yeah! And Syrinx, and La Mer, and the Gm String Quartet, and L'Isle Joyeuse, and the piano suite, especially the Sarabande, in which numerous moments make my heart skip a beat... in fact what isn't there to love with Debussy? :D

message 4: by Goldie (new)

Goldie Marie | 19 comments Clair de lune must be one of the most beautiful pieces ever composed.

message 5: by Florita (new)

Florita (ms_rita) | 220 comments Mod
Yes, utterly fantastic.

message 6: by Joel (new)

Joel La Mer, the String Quartet and Nocturnes are probably my favorites.

message 7: by Eleanor (new)

Eleanor (bookpossum) | 25 comments I recently added Jean-Yves Thibaudet's recordings of Debussy's piano works to my collection. I have seen some lukewarm reviews, but I enjoy his interpretations very much.

message 8: by David (last edited Oct 21, 2013 11:27AM) (new)

David William Elswick | 100 comments

Rêverie, one of Debussy's earlier compositions.

message 9: by David (last edited Oct 21, 2013 11:27AM) (new)

David William Elswick | 100 comments

I love Michael Dulin's version of Clair De Lune.

message 10: by David (new)

David William Elswick | 100 comments

Debussy - Syrinx (solo flute) (flutist: Emmanuel Pahud)

message 11: by Lien (new)

Lien | 7 comments This is definitely the one that does it for me everytime:

La fille aux cheveux de lin (The girl with the flaxen hair) is so full of promise, yet so modestly portrayed. It always makes me happy and sad at the same time.

message 12: by Emma (new)

Emma Iadanza (emmaiadanza) I hate that piece!!!!!!!!!! I was forced to play it and I hate it so much!!!!

message 13: by Lien (new)

Lien | 7 comments Sorry Emma! Didn't mean for my post to incite such feelings in you...

message 14: by Emma (new)

Emma Iadanza (emmaiadanza) Yeah, it's ok. Not your fault. It's my 4th grade music teachers.

message 15: by David (new)

David William Elswick | 100 comments

Nocturne in D-flat Major (pianist: Francoise-Joël Thoillier)

message 16: by LobsterQuadrille (new)

LobsterQuadrille | 8 comments One of my favorite pieces of music by Debussy is his "Prelude a L'apres-midi d'un faune"(I may have misspelled that...). The beginning is mysterious and sort of sad, but then the music becomes so joyful and sweet!

message 17: by Julie (new)

Julie (choxevani) | 12 comments La Mer, always, and I'm fond of this obscure piece, mainly for the harp:

message 18: by Barbara H (new)

Barbara H (barbhh) | 66 comments Why would you call La Mer obscure? It is pretty well known.

message 19: by Julie (last edited Mar 06, 2015 06:22AM) (new)

Julie (choxevani) | 12 comments Barbara, no, I meant the youtube link.

"Danse sacrée et danse profane" for harp and strings.

message 20: by Barbara H (last edited Mar 06, 2015 06:58AM) (new)

Barbara H (barbhh) | 66 comments Excuse me! :)
This is lovely!

message 21: by Julie (new)

Julie (choxevani) | 12 comments Barbara wrote: "Excuse me! :)
This is lovely!"

glad to share it!

message 22: by Frank (new)

Frank McAdam I heard Muti conduct La Mer at Carnegie Hall at the end of January. I thought he did a great job, though it was really Scriabin's Third Symphony I'd gone to hear.

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