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message 1: by Sunshine (new)

Sunshine (sunshinemyatt) | 3 comments I just finished my second Kristen Hannah book, Firefly Lane, and I am in love. She is one of the most talented writers that I have read in years and her character development is amazing. The relationship between Tully and Kate is so intense and powerful that I find myself wishing I had a bond like that with someone. I had to go to a private room at work to finish the book because just like her other book that I read, True Colors, I had to cry my brains out. They aren't tears of sadness though. They are tears of happiness and love and sadness all at once. She makes me feel everything with her writing. I cannot wait to read the next book!

message 2: by Shaimah (new)

Shaimah (chaymich) | 11 comments Mod
i know exactly what you mean..she is the one and only author that has brought me to tears just by reading a book..she gets you soo involved into the story you feel like one of the characters or you feel like you know them..i am in love with her books and am about to start summer island

message 3: by Daenel (new)

Daenel (daenelt) I was pulled in right from the start and even after the story was finished, I kept wishing for more. I also like that there are "lessons" to the novels, cancer with Firefly Lane and the Innnocence Project with True Colors. It just adds to the story line.

message 4: by Shelley (new)

Shelley (genpeanut) | 1 comments LOVED Firefly Lane. I have a friendship like that of Tully and Kate except there is no jealousy or anything of that nature. We simply support one another through life.

This book was wonderful, but I did have one issue with it - After awhile, I wanted to grab Kate by the shoulders and tell her to GET OVER IT in regards to thinking there was something between Johnny and Tully or that there would be. At some point, you either need to trust your husband or move on and I'm thinking after many years of marriage and three kids, Kate needed to get a grip.

Other than that, I loved it and would highly recommend it.

message 5: by Brandy (new)

Brandy (hippygirl1701) Firefly Lane was what made me love Kristin Hannah! The bond she gave those women was amazing. Which u can say that about all the books I've read by her! Eachone either makes u want to call sumone u love, or be greatful for all the love u have. She is truely an awesome author!!! :)

message 6: by Heather (new)

Heather Victoria | 1 comments My husband picked up Fire Fly Lane for me one day and said "thought you might like it" Well from then on ive been hooked! as far as this Genre shes the best in her feild! Ive read Fire Fly Lane, True Colors, Between Sister, On Mystic Lake, Angel Falls, and im almost finished with The Things We Do for Love. I have every intention on reading all her books!

message 7: by Naura (new)

Naura (nauratheexplora) | 7 comments I read Firefly Lane when is first came out, because I became obsessed with everything Kirstin Hannah and I absolutely loved it. Now that I have read more of her work, I can't wait to re-read one of my favorites.

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message 9: by Crystal (new)

Crystal | 4 comments Mom just brought Firefly Lane home yesterday. can't wait to read. she also brought home True Colors, On Mystic Lake, and I got Home Again last week. it's gonna be a great summer!

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