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((rp here))

message 2: by Courtney (new)

Courtney Scarlett stormed down the sidewalk, a confident glint in her black eyes

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☺☆Mango♥ (Xx_InuYasha_Kagome_xX) | 624 comments Mod
Yuri landed on the ground, and became visible to human eyes. She hid her wings, and began to walk up the sidewalk.

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Kaname walked out from behind a building and sighed loudly. He deeply desired to become fallen again. It was nice to kill and not feel guilty about it. Now he would never kill again. It was impossible for angels.

message 5: by Courtney (new)

Courtney Scarlett noticed a boy that had just walked out from behind a building. She sniffed the hair. Angle. She snarled and started to run hopefully before he noticed her, angles had to report back on the activities of the fallen. If he found out that her actions we're too horrific, he would be forced to kill her. And her actions, were infact, horific

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☺☆Mango♥ (Xx_InuYasha_Kagome_xX) | 624 comments Mod
Yuri gasped as she saw an Angel. She recognised him, he used to be fallen. She hid in the alley. "Kaname... that was his name." She muttered to herself.

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Kaname let Scarlett get away, but that was only because he heard someone speak his name. He turned around "Who is there?" He asked.

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☺☆Mango♥ (Xx_InuYasha_Kagome_xX) | 624 comments Mod
Yuri strung an arrow and let it go, "You should remember me, Kaaname." She said- stringing another arrow- ready to strike him down.

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Courtney Scarlett stopped and looked back at the angle. A demon had approached him. She decided that two aganist one, it would be safe and she walked back over to them, snickering

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He stopped the arrow in mid air with his telekinesis, "Yuri?!" He hissed.

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Ashley Elizabeth | 6 comments Forever was playing with her i-pod when she saw people in the alley ready to fight. A strong feeling of a headache came on. "Uh." she muttered, walking over to the group.

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"Oh god, three fallen chicks? What the heck did I do to you?!" Kaname said annoyed. He wasn't afraid to admit he was outnumbered and could easily be killed.

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Courtney Scarlett smiled devishly, "Fallen chick? I think I like that." she eyed him.

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"Ummm......okay?" He said back,

((I have now vowed to never do anything bad (swear) in my roleplay.))

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Ashley Elizabeth | 6 comments Forever looked at Scarlett. "I think I can too." she looked at the angel. "Do you think you are better than us or something?"

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"No. I hate angels." He said matter-of-factly.

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☺☆Mango♥ (Xx_InuYasha_Kagome_xX) | 624 comments Mod
"Kaname, Kaname. A stupid bum who decided to transfer to angel-ship. You should know why everyone hates you- you betrayed the fallen angels." Yuristrung another arrow, putting enough power into it, so Kaname would be unable to stop it with Telekinesis.

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"Um nooo, you don't know what I freaking did! I fooled around with the devil's wife and pissed him off..." Kaname was getting frustrated.

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Courtney Scarlett gave a dark laugh, "Fooled around? Devil's wife? That all kinda sounds like a form of betraying him, don't you think Yuri?"

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☺☆Mango♥ (Xx_InuYasha_Kagome_xX) | 624 comments Mod
"Definetly. Well, tell me when you're ready to die, angel. Nevermind." She shot her arrow, Kaname looked surprised when he couldn't stop it.

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Courtney Scarlett watched the arrow fly, in awe

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☺☆Mango♥ (Xx_InuYasha_Kagome_xX) | 624 comments Mod
The arrow pierced Kaname on his shoulder. "Bull"

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((how do you FREAKING know what MY character was feeling?! Would you like to be deleted?!))

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☺☆Mango♥ (Xx_InuYasha_Kagome_xX) | 624 comments Mod
((Sorry, /im so used to doing it in Mina's RP. Heh-heh. lemme change that....))

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Ashley Elizabeth | 6 comments ((ouch))

Forever smiled when she saw the pain Kaname's shoulder. "Pathetic."

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((You too? Kaname is not your characters guys. Remember I am a mod and if you keep controlling my character's emotions than you are going to be kicked out))

Kaname pulled the arrow out and shrugged. "Kill me"

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Ashley Elizabeth | 6 comments ((sorry, I'm in Mia's rp too, just used to it.))

"Sorry, I don't do as Im told." she smiled sweetly at Kaname.

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☺☆Mango♥ (Xx_InuYasha_Kagome_xX) | 624 comments Mod
"I only do," Yuri licked her arrow "When it's convenient for me." She strung it and began to chant. Then she looked up, and paused her fire. "Where'd he go?" he was gone.

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Kaname WAS still there, he had just quickly went behind Yuri.

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Courtney ((yeah, guys, you kinda are controling her charrie. She never said he left or was in pain...that's her choice to decided))

Scarlett shot around to keep her eyes on Kaname. She never took her eyes off the prize.

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"See ya" He sprang up a few hundred feet in the air and then flew off.

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Courtney Scarlett watched him go. She sighed and decided to follow him, under a flag of truce...for now

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Kaname knew that Scarlett had followed him, but he acted like he hadn't noticed. Flying towards a tall building, he landed on the roof then sat on the edge.

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Courtney Scarlett sighed and did a flip up the wall. She stood behind him on the roof. "What are you reallying doing back? You didn't really sleep with the devil's mistress did you?"

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"You will never get a true answer. The devil made sure of that" Kaname shook his head.

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Courtney Scarlett walked over to him and took a seat next to him. "You know how I stay on his side? I sleep with him " she smirked

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Kaname laughed, unamused.

message 38: by Courtney (new)

Courtney Scarlett rolled her eyes, "Oh come on. Lighten up a little. So..what exactly are your...duties now?"

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"None. He just made me an angel and laughed. He guessed I would be tortured enough in this body." Kaname kept his eyes on the cars below.

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Courtney "And was he right?" Scarlett said, her eyes shinning red

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"Spot on" Kaname sighed.

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Courtney "See? And that's your problem. Your letting him get to you. Why don't you just continiue to do what it is you used to do? Isn't that even evilier then being a fallen? Being a regular angel doing fallen deeed?"

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"I am incapable of killing, or hurting. My hands physically cannot do it. There is some invisible force, which I think is God, that won't let me."

message 44: by Courtney (new)

Courtney "Your letting God stop you? There must be some way." she said, looking off into the city

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"I ha- ha- ha-, I mean I STRONGLY dislike having to admit that God is more powerful than you may think."

message 46: by Ashley Elizabeth (new)

Ashley Elizabeth | 6 comments Forever walked away from the alley. Pausing every so often to check for stalkers.

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☺☆Mango♥ (Xx_InuYasha_Kagome_xX) | 624 comments Mod
"Yeah, yeah. See ya." Yuri sorta just, walked out. "Boring bunch of people... or, Angels."

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Courtney "Yeah, well. The devil is stronger then most people would like to admit as well. Even God likes to foul himself by thinking that the devil isn't a threat,"

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"No matter what, I can't kill." Kaname sighed.

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Courtney Scarlett nodded and stood up. "So what do you do?"

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