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message 1: by Brian (new)

Brian ****Contains Spoilers****

My score for this is really 4.5 stars. It was a great read.

I wish that it was two books though with the battle for Isstavan V being longer as well as Fulgrim's "transformation."

McNeill made Fulgrim come alive and many times I found that I felt bad for him. His way of life really made him an easy target for Slaanesh.

I found the mix with the rememberancers better than in previous books as the Emperor's Children embraced them instead of shunned them.

One of the best storylines though was that of 3rd Captain Marius Vairosean. His "failure" and then desire to rectify that failure by any means necessary epitomizes the pursuit of perfection of the Emperor's Children.

It was great to see the Eldar in one of the novels. I have missed some of the more famous Warhammer 40K races (Orks, Eldar, etc.) in this series, but the wait was worth it.

I hate Lucius in the first three novels, but I found him not quite as bad in this one and even at times likeable. I liked that for once the "straight-up and down" character (Loken) was not the one who stays true to the Emperor, but is one of the first to turn. Solomon was a great choice for a loyalist. Where is Tarvitz though? If he was killed it was glossed over and if he is alive, I can't wait for him to return.

The reason I did not give it 5 stars was a few errors and a few places I thought it was perdictable.

It was a great book, page turner.

message 2: by Tim (new)

Tim | 29 comments Nice review. ^^
I really enjoyed how much it focused on the remembrancers, also. I find it extremely interesting to see how Chaos corrupts in the Heresy novels, and Fulgrim does a great job of showing that. It seems so different than the "current" 40K novels since in those the threat of Chaos is so well known and pervasive.

Also, the last battle was pretty epic.

Overall easily one of my favorite Heresy books.

message 3: by Sarah (last edited Apr 24, 2010 10:02PM) (new)

Sarah Davis (keamymayloken) | 61 comments I've had Fulgrim since before Christmas and couldn't work up the guts to read it (I'm wierd Horus Heresy is strangly emotionally drawing on me) But after the worst April of my short life I picked it up and started to read...This is the first Heresy book since Horus Rising that I gave 5 stars.
I loved it! It was beautifully writen it captured my attention right away. They brought in more Primarchs and you got to know them which I have really been looking forward to.
In the same turn this was the most excuse the word "tragic" Heresy book I have read so far, the disturction of 3 entier legions was to me very sad.
I can not believe I waited so long to read such a good heresy book.

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