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Mia♫ (Rp here, srry for not asking about this idea, you can delete it if u want mods!)

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Mia♫ (I'm on the case!)

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((yay! =D))

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Mia♫ (yep!! =D)

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(It good)

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Mia♫ (thank u)

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Anh arrived at the camp out of a limo. "Pretty good," he said.

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Nora sat at the camp waiting for more people to come. hoping they wouldnt hate on her...

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Anh saw a girl sitting. He walked over to her.

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Nora saw someone coming, she quickly slipped away behind the nearest building.

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Mia♫ Payton arrived at camp, coming out of her mom's jeep. She was glad to be back. She said bye to her mom and lugged her stuff over to a nearby tree where she plopped down. "Great to be back!" she said to herself.

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"O...k..." he said to himself.

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Mia♫ Payton wet walking around camp, she said hello to a few of her old counselors and decided to go on the swing in the little playground they had.

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Anh saw another girl walking around and decided to... introduce himself to her. He walked toward her.

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Mia♫ Payton looked up, there was a guy walking towards her. Instead of waiting till the guy came over, she hopped off the play ground adn slipped into the dining hall. "What a goof I am." she said to her self and chuckled.

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"Why do people keep running away from me?" he asked himself.

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Mia♫ She giggled and played at the pool table in the dining hall. She was winning every time.

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Anh followed where the girl had gone to. He seen her play... something....

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Mia♫ She jumped for joy when she won her 5th match! "Anyone want to challenge me?" she asked.

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(what's the game?)
"I do," he said.

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Mia♫ (pool)
She turned around, ti was the guy who was walking towards her before. "ok," she said to him. She stuck out her hand for a shake.

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He shook hand.
(Hate that game...)

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Mia♫ (never played, hee hee!)
She shook his hand.
"Dude good luck! She is rlly good!" a kid said. she grinned.
she set it up and took the first shot, she got 3 in. It was going good.

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(Hmph I?)
"Hey, I just got here," he said.

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Mia♫ (y humph?? =()
She giggled. "Sorry dude." she said to him. She decided to go easy on him.

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(It said I, is that the girl, Payton?)
"It's okay, just got to learn," he said smiling.

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Mia♫ (o yeah woops i'll fix it)
She smiled. She watched him as he made his move.

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Anh hit and made 4 in...

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Mia♫ the crowd gasped, they haven't seen her do that before.
She looked at all her moves carefully, choosing which move to do. She hit the ball and in went 4. "Phew." she said.

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(Gasp, see her do what before? Isn't total number of balls is 10, 4+4+3=11)
"I lost?" he said.

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Mia♫ (no there are 15 ballsso there's 4 left. and they gasped because they've never seen her hit 4 balls in like u did.)

"Nope." she said. "Unless you quit." she added.

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"Oh..." he said and hit the last 4 balls in.

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Mia♫ The crowd gasped, then they erupted in loud cheers for the boy.
She was stunned, but congratulated him anyway, it was a game after all. Before she congratulated him she wrote a quick note saying that he should meet her in the forest later.
"Congrats!" she said and slipped the note in his hand. She went out of the dining hall and onto the swings.

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Anh read the note and left.

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(What time does the note say?)

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Mia♫ (right now)
She headed towards the forest and climbed up a tree to wait for him. The branches tickled her legs. The next thing she knew, she was falling from the tree.

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Anh walked and saw her falling, he ran and caught her but the bad new that he was on the ground. "Ugh," he said.

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Mia♫ She shut her eyes and opened them up, she saw the dude under her. She quickly got off him and ran to get a cup of water. She sat him up and told him to drink it. She waited for him to swallow.

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"Thanks," he said. He was a bit dizzy from what happened. "What happ---" he was knocked out cold.

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Mia♫ She shook him. He wasn't replying. She picked him up and ran as fast as she could to the nurses hq at the camp. She told her what had happened and set him down on the bed. She waited there until he woke up.

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Anh was dreaming about greek gods. Then the next thing, he sat bolted right up. "Whoa," he said.

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Mia♫ Payton was curled up in the chair, sleeping.

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"Huh?" he didn't know why he was in the nurse. He got off the bed and shook Payton.

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Mia♫ Payton sat up and stretched, she rubbed her eyes and saw the dude. "Hey! What happened was that I fell on you and you blanked out then I brought you water and you drank it. Then, you knocked out, so I carried you to the nurses HQ and waited for you to wake up." she said. She blushed, she talked way too much.

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"Thanks," he said.

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Mia♫ "Welcome." she said to him. "My name is Payton, my mom calls me sweet because Walter Payton's nickname was Sweetness. So she calls me sweet. What's your name?"she asked him.

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"Anh..." he said as he wince in pain. "Ow," he said.

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Mia♫ "Cool name!" she said. "What;s wrong, are you hurt. Do you need the nurse? This is all my fault!!!" she said to him. A tear rolled down her face but she wiped it quickly away.

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"Hey, people climb trees, eventually, they get saved," he said rubbing his shoulders.

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