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((we are starting here but it is not the first day of school))

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((so what day is it then?))

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Annabelle sat alone at lunch, not wanting to be with anyone right now. Though it wasn't the first day back, it was her first day back as they had been in Germany, arguing with the legal system about her rape. Her parents stayed there, but she had to come back to America for school.

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Edward | 1 comments hi

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⚡Mrs. Tom Felton⚡ wrote: "((so what day is it then?))"

((ummm at least 3 weeks into the year))

Jules looked around for a table in the cafe. It was her third week in town and at the school and she knew no one

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Rosey was at her locker getting some of her stuff, she didnt feel like going to the cafe, she grabed her ipoid and lunch and went to the stair case and sat down

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Jules sighed and took her lunch and went out of the cafe. Maybe I'll eat outside. she thought

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Justin and Sky sat outside eating lnch.

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Rosey put her ear phones on and listen to her ipoid

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Jules found a spot under a tree. She took her iPhone out and texted her friend back home.

OMG I miss home so much. I HATE it here. I know no one and my step-mom is driving me crazy with trying to bond with me. SOS--J

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Rosey took out her phone and went on aim and chated with her friends back home

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Sky was really shy, so she didn't say much.

Justin looked around and spotted a pretty girl sitting under a tree.

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Jules friend texted back, Why don't you visit over the weekend if you miss it so much?

Jules made a face, I'm not allowed back unless my mom has moved. And my dad would never let me go that far for the weekend. He is saying he finally got me back.

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rosey closed her phone and grabbed her stuff and walked outside

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Justin noticed the girl who was under the tree teted looked sad.

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Rosey found a bench and sat down

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Jules put her phone away and looked up. She saw a pretty cute guy across from her.

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Sky got bored.

Justin smiled and waved at the girl

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Rosey sighed

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Jules smiled and waved back

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Justin walked over to her and sat down, "I'm Justin"

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Rosey looked up at the sky

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"I'm Juliet, but my friends call me Jules." Jules said

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"nice to meet you" he said

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"You too." Jules said, "You are actually the first person that has introduced themselves to me since I moved here."

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"really?" he asked not believeing her, "Thats surprising"

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"How so?" Jules asked

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"well, your really nice, you seem innocent and you are really pretty" he smiled

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"Thanks." Jules said, "But I'm not all that innocent."

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Rosey put her ipoid away and took out a penicl and her sketch pad and started to sketch a picture of where she was

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Annabelle went outside and sat below a tree, glad to be outside where it was quieter.

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Justin shrugged, "No one really is"

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"That's true." Jules said

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Justin nodded slightly

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"So what is there around this town to do for fun?" Jules asked

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"well there is party's, movie's, parks, and pretty much....everything"

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Jules nodded, "Good to know."

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He nodded

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Jules looked at her watch. The period was almost over. "I should go." she said, "I don't want to be late for math."

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Nigel (shortstuf77) | 8 comments ((where can i come in?))

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((do u have a character?))

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"OK" Justin said, "Should probably go too"

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"What class are you in?" Jules asked

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Nigel (shortstuf77) | 8 comments ((no, but where do i make one. im new to the rp thing))

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((make one in the character topic in the high school folder))

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"I'm in math too" he said

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"Will Dudic?" Jules asked

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Annabelle walked to class when the bell rang. It was math, something she was good at.

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Nigel (shortstuf77) | 8 comments Kyle left the cafeteria and headed towards his next class, Mr.Dudic, math.

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Can i make a girl for him?))

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